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Pests are always unwelcome guests at any place of living. You may live carelessly for a number of years not thinking of their existence and one day discover an ant colony or a bee swarm. Besides being unwelcome guests in any home, pests also spread serious diseases, such as malaria, salmonella, or leptospirosis, and can cause serious construction damage to any home. There are more than 18,000 pest control companies throughout the US which earn about $6.5 billion a year. This gives a pretty accurate description of how harmful and common pest control problem is for the American citizens.

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Pest control professionals specialize in the fast and effective extermination of any insects from your place of living. Most often pest extermination services include termite and rodent control, carpenter ants, bed bug and bee extermination, and the like.

The average cost of pest control services varies between $180 and $275, however, the price significantly depends on the kind of pest and so treatment you need. For instance, indoor flea and tick removal will cost about $150-$275, any kind of general pest treatment, including rodents elimination and removal, usually costs between $250 and $300; in more complicated issues related to exterior treatment be ready to pay about $370-$500 (as a rule this concerns termite, ants, and cockroaches treatments); for both interior and exterior extermination you will pay about $500 to $720.

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Pest control services provided

How much does carpenter ant extermination cost?

Ants are mostly found in kitchens and pet food areas. You can try to get rid of ants in the house yourself, however, the cost of such a service is more than fair. The initial spraying for carpenter ants is about $500-$1,000 excluding physical labor and further repairs. Non-carpenter ants pest control service will cost about $250.

How much does it cost to get rid of bats?

Bats can be infected with Capsulatum Histoplasma, a virus that poses significant health risks, such as histoplasmosis. Particularly infants, young children, and older people are in the risk group. The general bats' treatment costs about $50-$500 depending on the number of bats you have; guano (droppings) and sanitization afterward will be an extra cost that heavily depends on the company.

How much does bed bugs control cost?

Bed bugs not only bite people while they’re sleeping, they also cause unpleasant itching and swelling. Other than discomfort, these pests pose no health harm if you’re not allergic. The usual cost of bed bugs removal and sanitization is between $500 and $720, however, in extreme cases, the price tag may go even higher than $1,500.

How much does it cost to eliminate bees and wasps from your place?

Bees and wasps can sting very painfully and cause severe allergic reactions and pain as a result. Treatment of bees and wasps will cost about $200-$500. In case you don’t want any treatment but want to remove them completely, you can read about the methods here.

How much does cockroach extermination cost?

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests that are present in many dirty places and pose many significant public health risks, such as gastroenteritis, dysentery, diarrhea, or typhoid. The initial treatment to get rid of cockroaches will cost about $300, however additional charges for cleaning and repetitive procedures may follow.

What is the price for fabric/carpet beetles extermination?

Fabric/Carpet beetles can destroy not only a carpet but a favorite coat as well as particular kinds of food. You can try to beat them on your own, yet the cost of the initial treatment is only $250 and it can spare you from all the unpleasant consequences.

How much does rodent extermination cost?

Rodents come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from small mice to huge rats. They transmit an enormous number of diseases from Salmonellosis to leptospirae and typhus. The cost of mice removal is about $200-$250, while rats pest control services begin from $350.

What is the price of termite control services?

Termites are one of the most destructive pests in terms of consequences. They can literally destroy the whole house! The cost of initial termites treatment is about $1,200 without physical labor and repairs costs.

How much does tick extermination cost?

Ticks transmit lots of extreme diseases, namely Colorado tick fever, Powassan encephalitis, tick-borne encephalitis, Lyme disease, or relapsing fever. The list of them can be continued almost indefinitely, so it is literally essential to fight these pests. Usually, removal of ticks will cost you about $150-$350.

What other pest control services are provided?

Besides these most common services fleas exterminator will cost you about $270 and raccoon removal services start from $500. Dust mites removal usually costs between $200 and $500. The cost of spiders removal starts from $200, but it tremendously depends on the kind of spiders pest control experts have to deal with.

Keep in mind that these are the average costs of the services. Severity and complexity of your problem can raise the final cost of the company.

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Price-related questions

What influence the cost of the services?

The type and the cost of the pest control services solely depend on your problem. If you have never ever had any pest problem and suddenly signs of them appear, then a one-time extermination will be just enough for you. In case you see a recurring problem, you should consider hiring exterminators on a contract basis. The size of your house is also a price-influencer let alone the complexity of the problem. For instance, with a contract each visit of the pest extermination company will be about 1.5-1.7 times cheaper than a one-time occasion.

When do I need one-time extermination?

One-time extermination can be pricey, especially if you need to get rid of your pests as soon as possible. Such visits may cost about $500 for even a minor problem because a company has to send much man-force to complete your request in one day.

If you are not sure about the complexity of the problem, its size, and even the pest you have, then you can call for an initial visit that would cost about $185. In the course of examination the exterminators will be able to evaluate your pest issue and decide on the further plan of actions.

What are the extra charges?

Traditionally, you pay not for some particular service of a company, but for a complex of services. This means that generally no additional charges should be expected. However, sometimes the initial problem with pests in your home may appear to be significantly larger. In such cases, experts always explain and clarify the necessity of additional payments.

Other frequently asked questions

What are the first signs of pest contamination?

The first signs of pest contamination appear in the kitchens, garages, and places with appliances that are connected with the outside. Places, where you store food, are prone to pests as well. Here are five most warning signs when you should call a pest control company:

  • Noise

    Rodents and wasps, as well as termites, do produce noise that can be easily determined during the night.

  • Smell

    Smell is hard to notice in the kitchen, but particular odor may be noticeable in the basements and garages. The smell you should be looking for is similar to the rabbit hutch that hasn’t been cleaned for a while.

  • Nesting

    Nesting usually happens in the warm and closed spaces close to the water - this is a perfect description of the HVAC system or a basement laundry. To avoid pest contamination regularly check such spaces in your home.

  • Damaged furniture and wiring

    Rodents leave vivid marks of their teeth on furniture and wiring. Furniture gets bitten, while the wires are simply drawn through.

  • Leavings

    Droppings will be visible after rodents; insects and termites leave visible crumbs after eating wood or anything else.

When should I call a pest control company?

Once you see any of the primary pest contamination signs described above and ensure that it is truly some pest and not just a random occasion, call a pest control company immediately.

Can I fight pests on my own?

There is a vast number of methods that will keep your home pest-free. However, most of them work as preventative measures only. Once your home gets contaminated, rarely will you be able to deal with the problem on your own. Postponing the call to exterminators often leads to irreversible and expensive consequences for your home and health.

Bottom line

Pest control services are really necessary once in a while. The average price you should expect to pay from $180 to $275.

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