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How to get rid of cockroaches

hand kicking a cockroach

The fear most people share and don’t want to face or overcome at any point of their lives is having to deal with cockroaches in their houses. It’s safe to say that those huge bugs not only scare a lot of people to death (at least that’s my reaction to them), but also ruin our comfortable existence in our own homes, making them not so safe for people’s health. Those beasts come to human’s houses in search of permanent food resources and well-protected shelter. They may penetrate through the tiniest openings and travel between different houses and especially apartments quite easily. And, as soon as they get in, they’re insanely difficult to kick out for good. They can eat pretty much anything around the house, being able to survive even without what people consider as food. Roaches may surely consume plants, paper, leather clothes or upholstery, the stuff that goes down our toilets, etc. They even torment our animals! And, it seems like roaches reproduce themselves with the speed of light.

That factor, along with their unbelievable vitality is the main reason why getting rid of roaches is such a long and complicated process. Believe it or not, but some scientists even say that they’re able to withstand the radiation due to a mild nuclear explosion!  Isn’t it just insane?! The worst thing is that their presence in the house is not only annoying, but also quite dangerous. Being carriers for different bacteria, viruses and infection agents, they travel on different surfaces we touch, penetrate into food storages and even bite people. Thus,they may deteriorate the family’s health. It’s proven that cockroach infestation may be the main cause of frequent diarrhea and other upset stomach problems, food poisonings, allergies, asthma exacerbation and occurrence of other diseases they ‘carry around’. That’s the main reason why you need to get rid of cockroaches as fast as you can. And here’re a couple of ways of how to do that. Some of them work better and faster than others. But if you combine a couple of them and resort to professional pest control services, you should be able to get of them for good.

How to kill cockroaches (what really works)

  1. If you’re not against using commercial cockroach killers, you may go out to the store or order special tablets, gels or even liquids that are used to prevent cockroaches from reproducing themselves. This is the method pest control specialists consider as one of the most efficient ways to get rid of cockroaches and best roach killers. Basically, roaches consume these products. And what happens next is that they cause some sort of disease or influence their system the way that roaches lose their reproductive function and slowly (but surely) die without leaving a second generation. The good thing is that if your neighbors got infested as well and cockroaches are travelling between your homes, they’ll be affected by this product too. So, the risk of repeated infestation will be decreased as well. It might take a while before all roaches become ‘extinct’ in your house, but this method is one of those that ensure permanent results. You should determine the most affected areas and most ‘popular’ cockroaches’ habitats around your house. Go through your home with a flash light to do that. Usually, they prefer living under the sinks and kitchen counters, behind the fridge, in pantry, in basement, in bathrooms and even in leather couches and closets. But kitchen is definitely the area you want to concentrate on. Don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions before the application. Normally, those products affect cockroaches only and nothing will happen if your pet accidentally consumes them. But again, read the product’s description and application instructions to be sure.where to put baits for cockroaches around the house
  2. Boric acid is also one of the cockroaches’ enemies. So, why don’t you use it against them? You need just a few ingredients to make the magical cure. Just a bit of powdered boric acid (available in pharmacies), white flour and a little amount of granulated white sugar. Prepare the ‘food’ for cockroaches. Mix the items listed above together with a few drops of water to make the dough, form little balls out of it and put all over the areas, infested by cockroaches. Cockroaches will be attracted to the sugar (the bait) and the boric acid will serve as the roach-killer. It may take up to 2 weeks to notice that the number of cockroaches in your house has significantly decreased. And, you’ll have to keep on providing them with these sugar ‘killers’ even longer to make sure that the last cockroach has left your house. After that, you’ll need to exclude the possibility of repeated infestation by laying cockroach traps. Caulking all possible areas (holes, cracks, water leaks) they might enter through and keeping the food in proper storage helps too. Maybe, combining this method with the first one will help you get rid of cockroaches faster (and for sure).process of prepareing boric acid killer for cockroaches
  3. There’re a lot of different recipes of traps and baits that help killing the cockroaches. They sell such traps at the stores too. For instance, baking soda and sugar mix sprinkled around the areas cockroaches run around the most affects the pests’ stomach and causes their death. Soap or fabric softener solutions sprayed onto roaches’ bodies don’t allow them to breathe and cause their death. Pepper, garlic and onion mixture and Listerine (I’m not joking) will scare the roaches away. There’s a ton of those semi-natural and natural methods and homemade solutions to get rid of cockroaches. You may check some of them out on Lethhow.com. But unfortunately, people who had to deal with cockroach infestations say that those natural remedies, traps and baits don’t usually work that great on their own. They might help to reduce the roaches’ population and kill occasional pests. But they’re not the only products you want to rely on while trying to eliminate the cockroaches from your house. And, some of the homemade products aren’t really pet-safe. So make sure that your cats, dogs and won’t suffer from some of them along with the unwanted animals.sugar and baking soda mix to get rid of cockroaches
  4. The most effective way to get rid of cockroaches as fast as possible and for good is to address professional pest control services and ask them to visit your house and apply the anti-cockroach treatment. It’s something you should definitely consider if you experience mild-serious infestation. As again, one of those pests may produce like bazillion of new ones. So, if you’re so unfortunate that your house got invaded by cockroaches and you’re feeling as an unwanted guest in your own home, go to HireRush.com and post an anti-cockroach task to get contacted by pest control service providers in your local area. You may also call the ones you think will cope with the task the best directly from the website. Compare the rates and execution speed and book the pest control visit ASAP. Professional services will increase the safety of the cockroach elimination process. They’ll also offer a more effective approach to getting rid of those beasts and provide an ongoing solution to cockroach control.pest control man spraying around the kitchen to kill cockroachesPost a task here
  5. Even if you’ve got rid of cockroaches successfully, make sure that they won’t penetrate into your house escaping from your neighbors or returning from their temporary shelter they managed to wait out the hard times of pest control activities in your house in. Preventive measures need to be taken. Spray insecticides in areas where they ‘re known to build their nest. Add a little bit more in problem places like near drainage pipes, dark and damp areas under the kitchen or bathroom sink. Set some traps around the house to be able to notice if the roaches have returned. Keep adding the pest-killing gels pest control specialists will recommend you for a while after the successful cockroach extermination. I’m not paranoid, I promise. But even if a couple of them manage to hide somewhere, they’ll turn your life into hell again. So, stay on the lookout!


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