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Newborn photography tips

newborn sleeping holding a teddy bear

Having a baby is one of the most life-changing things that might happen to anybody. The first days and weeks of baby’s life are quite challenging for you as his parents. But, they’re also so precious and unforgettable that you almost want to stop the time and enjoy them as much as you can. And, you certainly want to remember those tiny features of your newborn, the way he looked while being really young, as he’ll grow and change so fast that you’ll miss that miniature nose and lips a lot. So, why don’t you take a couple of good pictures of your newborn to be able to go back to them later? And here’re some tips that might help you open the doors to successful newborn photography.

10 newborn photography tips

  1. If you plan to take pictures of your newborn, it’s better to do that before your baby turns two weeks. The matter is that the way babies look after that point is quite different to the way he/she looked during the first days of their life. So, as the entire point of a newborn photo shoot is to capture all tiny features of your baby when he/she’s just come out of the ‘oven’, it’s better to get the newborn photos done when the baby is about week – week and a half old. Besides, really young newborns tend to be more flexible or ‘moldable’ and they stay in the pose photographer puts them into much easier. They just sleep most of the day during the first two weeks of their life, but after that time they become more awake.newborn yawning
  2. If you want to get professional pictures of your baby done, it’s better to find a photographer and book a photo shoot beforehand, preferably while you’re about 30-35 weeks pregnant.  To do that, go to HireRush.com and post a newborn photography task to get reached out by local photographers who’re willing to do that photo shoot for you. Don’t forget to mention the estimated timeframe of the photo shoot. Consider booking a maternity photo shoot as well, as it may cost less in a bundle with the newborn photography. If you haven’t thought about the shoot for your newborn in time, contact a couple of photographers to see if someone can squeeze you into his schedule. You may get lucky, as babies come whenever they’re ready and some parents who’ve booked a session might not have a baby in their hands yet. Post a task now
  3. The perfect time to take photos of a newborn baby depends on his/her sleeping pattern and habits. Most commonly, it’s better to schedule a newborn photo shoot in the morning, as babies tend to be less fussy and more willing to ‘take part’ in taking pictures in the morning time. It’s really important that the newborn shouldn’t be hungry. In fact, the ideal situation for a newborn photography session is when the baby was just fed, the diaper was changed and the little one is about to fall asleep. The room the pictures will be taken in should be warm enough to change the baby in different outfits, swaddle him/her or even take naked pics. naked newborn baby sleeping on his tummy
  4. Safety should always come first when it comes to newborn and baby photography. The list can get quite extensive for tips on newborn safety, but in general, use your common sense. Never bring in any hard or sharp objects as props. Never place your newborn on high or unsteady surfaces without a spotter. And realize that some of your favorite photos of newborns are actually composites. Photoshop does all the magic. For instance, if you want to take a picture of a newborn sleeping on a guitar, you certainly won’t lay him down and walk away to take a picture. It’s too risky. Just arrange a setup, place your camera on a tripod and take a picture of a guitar first. Without changing the tripod’s position, set the camera’s timer, bring the baby over to your guitar, lay him on it and hold his head and tiny body with your hand while camera automatically takes a second picture. Basic Photoshop skills will help you make a perfect picture where your baby sleeps on a guitar without anyone’s support. newborn baby sleeping on his tummy with hands under the chin
  5. Don’t think about different fancy props too much. A knitted blanket, a swaddling blanket, a pair of knitted socks or baby’s booties, a couple of cute headbands for girls and hats for boys is pretty much everything you need to take absolutely stunning and touching baby pictures. Different setups like a baby sleeping in a swing chair surrounded by fruits or newborn sleeping on a wicker basket with his hands under the cheeks might look really cute and chic. However, newborn photo shoot props don’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can find most of them at home or a local craft store. It’s not the background you’re willing to remember, but your newborn.
    Experiment with poses and keep everything quite natural. Lay your newborn on his back and raise his hands above his hand. Lay him on the tummy and put his hands under his chin. Take those cheeky snaps of tasty baby feet and cute newborn bum. Itsalwaysautumn.com has a ton of newborn photo poses, so check them out if you’ve run out of your own ideas. Try to capture different facial expressions. Stroke baby’s head or tickle the corners of his lips a little bit to make your newborn yawn, smile a little bit or just ‘change his face’.newborn sleeping on fluffy blanket in a basket
  6. If you’re doing DIY newborn photography, don’t worry about the fact that you don’t have those expensive lights. Even professional photographers tend to stick to natural light and reflectors while dealing with newborn photography. First of all, babies just don’t like bright light. Secondly, natural light is perfect for these pics. Just make sure to set your newborn in front of a window, place a reflector behind him if you have one and take pictures while standing with your back to the window or on the side of your setup. The need of natural light is another reason why it’s better to take newborn pictures in the morning or early afternoon. You may play with lighting to reach different effects. Just don’t take pictures with camera facing the window. Those rarely turn out well.
  7. If you’re taking pictures of your newborn yourself, you have a great opportunity to document his firsts along with making portrait shots. Take a picture of your baby wearing his/her first outfit, taking his first bath, nursing at home, being held by your parents and feeling your dog for the first time.boy and girl holding a newborn baby
  8. If you’re working with a professional photographer, make sure that the mom always stays not too close to her newborn while individual newborn pictures are being taken. Babies recognize their moms’ smell, that’s why they may get fussy and call for mummy (and her milk) instead of continuing sleeping and being nice to a photographer. So, don’t feel bad if you’re a mom and photographer asks you to leave the room for a while. Believe me, it may make the process much easier.
  9. Catch a good angle. Taking a good newborn picture might be quite difficult, as it may turn out quite flat and lacking emotions. Besides, tiny babies often have misshaped heads and skin issue you don’t necessarily want to end up on a picture. In order to find a flattering angle, get down to the newborn’s level and get in close. This will help you take a picture of your newborn being content in his small world. Don’t forget to document all of those sweet little details that make your baby unique! Take a close-up of his baby nose, tiny lips and adorable fingers you’re having a hard time not to eat up.photographer taking pictures of a newborn baby
  10. If the weather is nice, grab a couple of blankets and take your baby outside to take a couple of picture of him being ‘in the wild’. Don’t forget to include other kids and family members to capture one of their first heart-melting interactions. Use the tripod magic to take pictures of you and your newborn together. Wear a simple monochrome outfit. Hold your baby, kiss your baby, drag your partner and other children in to take the first family photo with the newest addition.


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