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Questions and Answers

Q: What do appliance repair and installation services include?

A: Dishwashers, fridges, dryers, ovens, and the rest of home appliances are the field of work for appliance installation and repair services. Experts in this business know how to install any appliance in your home, meaning that they connect them to the pipes and electricity lines and ensure that your home doesn’t blow up from a power surge. Should anything fail, appliance repair team can fix any leaking hose or idle engine. Appliance installation and repair companies offer high-quality multiskilled services to the homeowners.

Q: How do appliance repair and installation companies charge?

A: Both appliance installers and repairmen charge for the whole project in total. You’re paying a flat fee that includes labor only. Spare parts and appliance units, in the case of installation, are not included in the price list offered by the companies. Besides that, be ready that additional plumbing and electrical work will be charged additionally because most appliance repair and installation team have to call for a subcontractor to perform such duties.

Q: What is the average cost of the appliance repair and installation services?

A: On average, homeowners spend $120-$270 for appliance installation but keep in mind that additional plumbing and electrical work might be needed. In this case, you will have to pay about $120-$500 more for such a service. The average cost of appliance repairs varies between $110 and $250 but the cost may go higher for the same reasons.

You can find all peculiarities and detailed information about appliance installation and repair services in our cost guides:

Q: What factors affect the cost of the appliance repair and installation services?


  • Location. Some washing machines and fridges are installed in the basements and have complicated access to their technical parts. Extremely complicated cases, when an expert needs to remove the appliance from the place, will be charged extra.
  • Need of subcontractors. As mentioned above, if the installation or repair crew needs professional assistance of an electrician or a plumber, you will be the one paying for these extra services.
  • New parts. The uniqueness or age of the part for repair will also influence the cost. Old washing machines or ovens might require parts that are no longer produced. As a result, repairmen will need to look more and longer for the required part.
  • Project scope. Some installations need a unit to be just fit into the counter, while others require a complete rebuilding of that counter. The same goes for the repairs: replacement of one spring needs less time and effort than refilling the coolant or repairing the motor.
  • Hazard level. Some appliances like gas stoves have a higher health risk level in terms of breakages and damages. Such high-risk jobs might be charged more than usual.

Q: How to deal with a good appliance repair and installation company?

A: Scam appliance repair and installation services do exist. And the easiest way to avoid them is to verify you expert before hiring. Here are the signs of a reliable appliance professional:

  • Documents and references. Of course, proper identification, namely licenses and certifications, are essential when you’re looking for an appliance expert. References are also a great sign of a company’s professionalism.
  • Language. Experts will not try to complicate things by using professional language while talking to you. On the contrary, reliable installers and repairmen will be able to explain the existing problems in plain language and not hide behind the lexis.
  • Warranty. Those appliance installers and repair experts who know what they are doing will always take responsibility for the performed services. As a result, they will always give you a warranty on their work. Those companies who refuse to give any guarantees are not worth your attention.