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You have just moved in and need to arrange everything in your new home, starting from furniture and ending with the major and minor household appliances. Perhaps, your old fridge is no longer large enough to satisfy the needs of your growing family. Or, maybe you want to try that energy efficient dishwasher you saw in a store the other day because you're tired of washing your plates by hand. In any of those scenarios, apart from the cost of the appliances themselves, you are most likely to pay for their installation as well.

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Appliance installation professionals perform the mounting of new and replacement of old household equipment, including a washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, oven, or fridge. How much these service providers charge is determined by several considerations: the type, size, and powering principle of the appliance; whether it's a from-scratch installation or replacement of an old unit, whether the outlet can serve the new appliance without problems, and other factors. On average, a new appliance installation costs between $120 and $270, with the maximum amount being $520 and the minimum - $65.

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Price-related questions

How much does it cost to install a fridge?

A fridge is the largest household appliance, costing more than others to purchase and install.

Location. Not all homeowners install their refrigerators on the main floor. Some may place them on the second floor or even outdoors. On average, be prepared to spend $380 for installing a fridge on the main floor with all the necessary utilities (plumbing and electrical outlet) in place. If you wish to install your fridge on an upper level of your home, add around $50 to that amount.

Water line. For a fridge with an ice maker, you will have to connect a water line to it. If it's non-existent, you'll have to hire a plumbing specialist to create it. That will cost you from $70 to $160 atop the installation fee. If you're just replacing a similar fridge equipped with an ice maker and the water line already exists, you'll have to pay from $120 to $210 for the installation itself.

Wiring. If you're planning to put your fridge on the second floor or if the current electrical outlet is not suitable for a new appliance, you'll need to hire an electrician as well. His/her average per-hour fee ranges from $50 to $70. Note that you'll have to pay that in addition to the installation fee.

Removal. Around $100.

Conclusion. Prepare $120-$430 for boasting a new fridge in your home.

I’ve heard that installing a microwave oven is very cheap. Is it true?

Adding a microwave oven to the pool of your kitchen appliances may seem straightforward. However, there are a few price-forming factors you need to take into account.

  • Option #1: You will place a new appliance on the countertop. The price equals that of the microwave oven.
  • Option #2: You will mount a new appliance above the range. The price will most certainly grow as the cabinetry may have to be rearranged to give enough room to a unit. As installing a microwave oven over the kitchen range incorrectly may backfire in the future, hiring a professional is wiser. What does it cost? $60-$110 per hour.

I’ve purchased an oven. How costly is it to install?

The oven installation is often performed by professionals, especially when the appliance uses gas. Ovens with electricity as a heating method cost less to install.

Old out, new in, or bare earth. It’s obvious: putting a new unit in place of the old one is simpler and cheaper as all the connections are already there. The from-scratch appliance installation may require plumbing or electrical work. That's more likely if you're installing a gas oven instead of an electrical one. Be prepared to spend $170 in case of replacement and $210 in case of installation.

Gas or electricity. Gas ovens are more expensive to install – around $210. An electrical oven installation will cost you $190. However, these prices assume you have all the gas lines or wiring/outlet in place. If you don't, you'll have to hire an electrician for $70-$80 per hour or plumber for $50-$70 per hour.

Conclusion. On average, take from $110 to $210 out of your wallet.

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Is a dishwasher expensive to install?

Old out, new in, or bare earth. Like an oven, if you install a dishwasher from scratch, the plumbing and electrical infrastructure will have to be created. Besides, a carpenter may be needed to ensure the appliance and the cabinetry are not in the way of each other. The installation of a machine with no existing facilities may be represented by a very wide price range: between $180 and $520 ($350 on average). Mounting a new unit where the old one used to be will require less money: $160 to $470 ($320 on average).

Outlets. If the existing outlet is not suitable for the new unit, hiring an electrician will cost you $70-$80 an hour. Normally, it takes a professional electrician 1.5-2 hours to complete the work.p>

Plumbing. You may have to install or change the arrangement of drain lines when you're replacing the old dishwasher. Or, you may need to put new water pipes in place. Expect to pay a professional plumber from $50 to $70 per hour.

Carpentry. A carpenter may need to be called to rescue if your current cabinetry prevents a new dishwasher from taking its rightful place. Paying a carpenter $65 for one hour of work is normal.

Removal. You may need to get rid of your previous dishwasher. The plumber you've hired may do it for you for $12-$22 on average.

Conclusion. The price of installing a dishwasher varies from $160 to $520, with the average cost being $330.

What is the average price of installing a washing machine in my home?

Installing a washing machine in your home is also 'a new installation versus replacement' situation. With the required utilities in place, you may spend as little as $60 and up to $160. On the other hand, a blank-page project will cost you much more: starting from $350 and ending with a hefty amount of $1270.

Information to check

Free installation

Many stores offer free installation of their appliances. Find it out when purchasing your new washer or dryer.


While you can find a local handyman to perform comparatively simple installation work, more complex tasks require the services of a contractor. Make sure the contractor holds the license and insurance. If the professional is not insured, you may be held liable should an accident occur during the operations.


It's extremely important to know the exact dimensions of the appliance and take the measurements in the kitchen in order to fit it in.


If you're replacing an old appliance, inquire if a pro can dispose of it for you and how much it will cost.

Other frequently asked questions

Is there any way I can spend less on appliance installation?

  • Find a local handyman if the job is straightforward. Handymen usually charge less.
  • If possible, have several appliances installed at once or group several tasks like plumbing and wiring.

Can I perform appliance installation on my own?

It depends. If you're replacing equipment, you will simply need to remove the old unit and plug in the new one. If intricate wiring or plumbing work is required, though, you will hardly do without a professional.

Bottom line

The appliance installation cost is determined by several factors: type and size of the appliance, availability of the gas lines, wiring, and plumbing, location of the unit, and others. On average, this service costs between $120 and $270.

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