DWR FITNESS & CONSULTING. Empower Your Evolution

  • Personal Trainers

Consulting and advising for corporate clients from employees to owners, as well as a limited number of committed private clients, on-site at your location, for your convenience, on a variety of lifestyle areas, including

- establishing work outs for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are post injury/illness, post natal or post surgery/rehab
- establishing fitness/exercise programs that you can utilize on your own
- evolving your exercise routine(s) to achieve your "next level"
- targeting your fitness/exercise routine(s) (i.e., for maximal body fat burning, or, for a particular muscle group/body part)
- well being concepts
- the vitalism paradigm as an approach to health and health care
- living a healthy lifestyle
- guidance on healthy eating, cooking and healthy food choices
- guidance on supplements and diet/weight loss products and programs
- establishing a lifestyle program to help you gain and maintain your well being
- establishing or changing company/corporate wellness programs
- mindfulness and visualization as tools for health and lifestyle
- understanding the basics of chiropractic, the chiropractic adjustment, the subluxation, and choosing a chiropractor

Consulting sessions for private individuals are 30 - 60 minutes; for corporate clients, sessions are 60 minutes to 2 hours.