Experienced SAT / PSAT / English Tutor for Middle and High school

  • Private Tutoring $50.00

Hi, My name is Roy Hartzler. I am a 28 year old with six years of classroom and tutoring experience in English, SAT, PSAT II, and Algebra 1. I have a B.A. in English Literature from Biola University, graduated from a Classical Honors Program, and wrote my senior thesis on metaphysics and philosophy.

I have studied grammar, mechanics, linguistics, a diverse range of literary eras and traditions, and am experienced with creative writing, research papers, and theses.

Subjects and Standardized Tests
SAT / PSAT II / TOEFL / ACT / College Admissions / English Writing, Grammar, and Mechanics / ESL / English Literature / Thesis Writing

I tailor curriculum and resources to the student from a diverse selection of style manuals, practice tests, vocabulary builders, anthologies, and citation guides. My digital tools include eBooks, Digital flashcards, and Google Docs Editing mode. I use at least one high-rated textbook for each subject, but usually multiple ones.

My typical student session includes:

Working through results of take-home practice test that I provide each session
Highlighting eBook of answer explanations which the student will receive as notes
Creating digital flashcards based on results
Working through and giving feedback on writing sample
Assigning next practice test and additional materials that would be helpful to student.

50$ per Hour.