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B & E Kitchen Medics!! FREE ESTIMATES!! Kitchen & Bath Refacing.

Do Your Kitchen and/or Bath look Old, Worn Out, and looking a little boring, drab and dead?!?!
UPDATE and UPGRADE your Kitchen and Bath to the style and colors you dreamed of!
Let us bring new life to your old worn out kitchen and/or bath with new refaced cabinets and drawers!

Also, Countertops! Formica and Solid Surface. And since most countertops are made of particle board and when they get, even slightly wet, greatly swell and break & flake apart. We build new countertops made of REAL WOOD of 3/4 inch plywood, so to have a solid dry stable surface to mount the formica and we seal all seams well so to prevent any water damage.

Over 35+ Local Experienced. MANY Local Excellent References!
Local Husband and Wife team do your work! So no multiple strangers in and out of your home (We may possibly use only one other valued assistant if needed).
See some of our MANY before and after pictures attached.
Expert, Precise, Meticulous Workmanship and Finishing!
100% Total Satisfaction Guaranteed!
We Bring our shop to you! We Guarantee we WILL meet or beat ANY other local competitors!
Also, Ask us about custom builds!
Please call. FREE ESTIMATE at your home at your convenience.

B & E Kitchen Medics
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