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Trapper King Animal Removal technicians are experts at evaluating all wildlife problems. Trapper King always completes a thorough inspection to determine what species of wildlife you are dealing with and determine how the wildlife are getting into your home. We specialize in removal of wildlife, honey bee removal, rodent control, animal control as well as closing animal entry points. We guarantee quick and effective results with Humane Animal Trapping

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15 Feb 2017

Does not carry state required pest control license, operating in violation of numerous state statues, and all these reviews are generated by sole employee and owner of the company and his girlfriend, Carter is his step-son.

04 Feb 2017

I had a noise in my attic and Trapper King was who I called. Carter came over to my home and told me exactly what I could expect over the course of service. He laid out a plan to prevent rats from getting into my home and guaranteed his work for the year. Very nice people. I would recommend them to anyone.

24 Dec 2016

Trapper King saved Christmas! Today is Dec 24th 2016 Christmas Eve. I called every animal company and animal control in Ocala to come get a snake from my porch but Noone answered. Trapper King answered immediately. The operator was very nice and sent Brian out to save the day. I was worried the mailman would not be able to deliver our last minute packages. God bless trapper king! (Update the mailman said if he had seen a snake on porch there was no way he would have approached)

04 Oct 2016

I had the guys from Trapper King Animal Removal come to my Tampa, Florida home and remove Bees and honey comb. When they got in the attic they found rat droppings and chewed duct work. They made me feel very comfortable and showed me pictures of all the damages. I contracted to have the rats trapped and the entry points closed. Now they come out once a month to make sure the rats dont come back! There is no more noise in my attic! You guys Rock!

11 Aug 2016

We had ant problems and guys from Trapper King came by took care of everything. They told us that the ants would be gone in three days and it was right. Were very detailed and did a very good job. I will certainly call them again in the future!

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