Great Wedding Videographer & Photographer Affordable $950

  • Wedding Videography $100.00 Per hour

Professional High Quality Videography & Photography for production work, weddings, Events videos, and more. Skilled crew shooting with HD cameras, with lights and professional audio.

Wedding specials avaialble now!
$857. 2 HD cameras- 1 videographer. Comes with complete video edit and 4 copies of finished event/wedding videos, and 30 printed pictures of your choice.

$900. 3 HD cameras- 2 videographers. Comes with complete video edit and 5 copies of finished event/wedding videos, and 60 printed pictures of your choice

Standard Filming Rates
$100an hour (2hr minimum)
$600 for up to a 6 hour day (No Edit) Just Raw Video

We also do flat rate of none stop wedding/Events 12hr filming and pictures for $1,077

4 HD Cameras 2 will be stationary during ceremony 2 videographers - All Day Coverage
Bride and Groom preparations Filming with A Slider for Cinematic Look All Film will be color corrected.
5 - 10 minutes highlight video with your music choice uploaded on vimeo to share with friends and family.
Full video 47 minutes to an hour long On DVD. Raw Footage on external Hard Drive - 4 DVD disks total And Leather Jacket Album.