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When you need a hauling service in Columbus, Ohio, you should call the Hauling Guy -- we'll save you money and the hassle of having to transport a load of junk to the landfill yourself.

Hauling Guy Hauling Services will haul away almost any type of junk from unwanted appliances to old furniture, e-waste to hot tubs, remodeling and construction debris to yard waste and more! You don't have to lift a hand because we'll haul junk away from wherever it sits - a cluttered attic, basement, garage, or storage unit just to name a few.

We offer complete hauling services, so you just point to the junk you want removed, and our junk haulers will take care of the rest. Our junk hauling services include sorting, lifting, loading, recycling, and proper disposal of your unwanted items.

So, when you need junk hauled away from your property, don't let an overpriced hauling company take you for a ride! Call Hauling Guy Hauling Services - we'll haul your junk away without taking your wallet along with it. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!