• Auto Repair Services $50.00

Norman Automotive Inc. has over 100 years of automotive repair and maintenance experience on hand. We are a family owned small business that has served the greater Norman, Noble, Lexington, areas for over 25 years.

If you are getting a foggy windshield when you turn your heater on, or your heater won't blow hot, give us a call. We can repair/replace any component of any heater system on any vehicle up to a 1 ton truck. Mention this ad to receive a $50 diagnostic fee! We can work on your vehicle regardless of brand or country of origin. Let us take care of you like our family!

We are a FULL SERVICE auto repair / maintenance facility! We can perform your mileage maintenance to ensure your factory warranty does NOT get voided.

We are certified to work on brakes, suspension, window issues such as regulators or motors, engine, transmission, differential, tune ups, fluid flushes, oil change and service, electrical issues including starter and alternator problems. Wheel bearings, tires, alignment, check engine or service engine soon warning lights, air bag lights, and more.

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