+ INTERIOR PAINTING. Ceiling 1 hr-$30.00

  • Moving $30.00

If you're looking to get some painting done, but haven't been thrilled with the quotes you've been getting, then you've come to the right place. I've been painting for more than 8 years and take pride in my work. I make it my goal to turn every first time customer into a repeat or referral customer.

I charge $30.00/hr, but if you would prefer a quote instead, I can do that as well. To get a better understanding of my pace/price, please refer below. (Note: The following estimates are based on a typical secondary bedroom with the dimension of 12ft by 12ft with 8ft ceilings)

Ceiling 1 hr-$30.00
Trim + Baseboards -1 hr, 30 minutes-$45.00
Walls - 2 hrs, 15 minutes-$67.50

So depending on what you need done, an average sized secondary bedroom (12ft x 12ft w/ 8ft ceiling) can cost you as little as $67.50 (walls only) or as much as $142.50 (walls, ceiling, trim + baseboards). Keep in mind, these numbers are for labor only.

In terms of paint, roughly half of my customers choose to provide it themselves. The other half prefer to purchase the paint through me. I have an account with Sherwin Williams and have had great success using their brand in the past.

If you have any questions, would like to book your free estimate, or want to begin right away, don't hesitate to call me using the information below.

Nathan V

Thanks for your interest and I hope to be speaking with you soon.
* References available upon request.