Junk haul alway, fast and afforable only $100 flat rate

  • Garbage Removal $100.00

Hey Milwaukee, junk guys here,

We ARE the Most friendly affordable junk, yard waste removal services at your need. Please keep us in mind for all your junk removal needs. We charge a flat rate fee of only $150 for a truck load with a 7X12 trailer for the first trip then only $100 for the rest.

Why us? simple Below!
Guy A: Full truck load + 1 guy $50
Guy B: Full trailer load +1 guy $100
Junk guys: Full truck + trailer load +2 guy $100

We may charge a little more for the first trip but that's because we are worth it! We spent more time on jobs then most other guys to ensure that the job get done well and to ensure that you will spent more time doing what ever you want to do! We will tell you how much load a job takes when we arrives, and always try our very best to meet our words. We try very hard to save you money why? because this is not just some weekend job for us, this is our business, and we want to be Your friend in junk removal!.

Things we take,
*Automotive batteries *Asphalt roofing shingles *Appliances *Scrap metal
*Tires *Corrugated cardboard *Trash *Shoes
*Composted *Grass clippings *Brush *Garbage
*Garbage *Leaves and garden debris *Old furniture

Please Note: we do charge $20 extra for any Construction or remodeling debris such as:
*Roofing material *Brick & Block *Stones
*Concrete *Lumber *Dirt
*Drywall *Paneling *Flooring materials

Give us a call!
Thank you and have a good one!