LEAD GUITAR LESSONS (Curtis Fairchild)

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I have 30 years of professional, real-life industry experience with performers from Ozzy Osbourne to Lady Gaga. I have been teaching privately and in select group settings for even longer. I have a Musicians Institute education from Hollywood, CA., and teach students from beginner to university-level and beyond.

I provide ALL of the materials you will need and have a graduating and comprehensive strategy to ensure your goals are met. With a multitude of levels of increasing difficulty, you will have a tailored plan to fit your requirements. All levels are clearly defined and easy to understand.

I will teach you things you never even knew were out there.

Theory - To develop your independence.
Scales - To develop your fret board navigation.
Exercises - To develop your technique.
Chords and progressions - To develop your rhythm.
Compositions - To develop your style
Out-of-class projects - To develop your knowledge.
Weekly Progress Reports - To monitor your improvement.

PLUS!!! - Over 2,000 original recordings from AC/DC - ZZ Top WITHOUT GUITARS!!! - To develop your applications of various skillsets.

I have taught students from entry level to receiving music scholarships. Most of my students have been with me in excess of 7 years. One, in particular has been with me for nearly 20 years and is a highly successful guitarist in Europe and Asia. Other students are graduates of Berkeley; others are teachers and still others just like to strum and sing around a campfire or play for their churches.

Call today and we can begin right away.
Curtis Fairchild