• Sport Lessons $35.00

Private Boxing Instruction with a Dedicated Veteran Trainer

A Unique Comprehensive Muscle Memory Method
The Most Effective Method to Learn Boxing from the ground up
Students with zero-experience have worked with me to become amateur champs and professional boxers
Train in Multiple Boxing Gyms in NYC or at your home

Safe and Challenging Environment!
Get in the Best Shape of Your Life
Build Confidence and Physical Strength
Set and Meet all of your Fitness and Training Goals with a Dedicated and Patient Experienced Trainer

Develop Comprehensive Muscle Memory
Learn The Most Effective Defensive Techniques
Advanced Upper Body and Head Movement
Develop a Variety of Blocking Methods
Learn Various Counter Punching Techniques
Effectively Attack and Defend Simultaneously

About the Trainer
Over two decades training and sparring with International Champions of the Welter Weight, Junior Welter Weight, and Light Weight Divisions
Sparring Partner with multiple New York State Professional Champions
Experienced Training Hollywood Actors for Film Roles
Effectively Trained Hundreds of Beginners and Amateurs
USA Amateur Boxing Coach Certified

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