Licensed Master Cosmetologist, Natural Hair Specialist

  • Hair Stylist

Have you been looking for someone who can help you take care of your natural hair ? Have you been having problems finding the right products to keep you Natural hair healthy, moisturized and growing ? Has it been so long that you've had your hair straightened that you can't remember the last time it was straight ? Have you tried and had others try and try to get your natural hair straight and couldn't get it straight without it becoming an Afro or a curl ball in 10 minutes ? Well your search has come to an END!

I am a Licensed Master Stylist right here in Lexington, KY and I specialize in the care, health and growth of natural hair as well as all hair types and textures of all ethnicities! Looking to do something new with your natural hair and one comb break away from getting a relaxer? Come sit in my chair and let me service you ! I work in a professional salon environment and I have over 6 years of natural hair experience. If you want to get it straight, I guarantee I'll get you the straightest it's ever been ! Let's trim and deep condition it and keep it growing! Let's twist it out! Get a sew in! Options available!

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