• Family Photographers $75.00

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Why Should You Hire me?

1. I'll show up on time on your special day. I'll arrive 15 minutes early usually.
2. I roughly take about 500-600 pictures in 6 hours, Find me a another photographer who can do that. & Best part? You get all the Photos.. Except the one where your eyes are closed! :) I'll make sure I delete them.
3. No Hidden cost. If you hire me for 6 hrs or more, I charge $75/hour flat. If you need me for less, no problem. Email me details on your event and we can adjust.
4. You get all the photos in 7 business days after the event. All burned on a DVD or uploaded online and You can download the entire album. Yes I can edit photos at Ninja Rate, I know how many people would love to see the pictures right after the event.