MR.TECH Professional PC / Laptop Repair / Virus Removal Just $40!

  • Virus Removal $40.00

Call Miguel!
4325 E 9th St Kansas City, MO 64124
Mon-Thur 9am-5pm

I'm just minutes from downtown Kansas City and most all services will be completed by the next business day.

Complete Computer repair / Laptop repair, Virus Removal, Data backup, Password Removal, LCD screen replacement, powerjack / power jack repair

Great customer service and at a great price. $40 for most all computer repairs and/or virus removal ( doesn't include parts if needed). Won't find a better deal. I don't try to sell anything when you come in. Don't get fooled and pay $40-$50 for an anti-virus program like Norton or McAfee that doesn't work. I'll install an anti-virus that is better then both of them and it's FREE. I use this program myself and with over 10 years of Hands On IT experience I know what works and what doesn't.