Need a painter? Painting and Drywall repairs, Drywall hanging / finish

  • Drywall Installation

Professional, punctual, and courteous...meaning if we are gonna be late we will call. We work hard and we work a lot. We may not agree on the day, and time but we can agree on price. I am willing to work around your schedule, so understand I have one too.

I work hard through the summer, and winter is me then if you need a better deal than I can offer now. I am a no nonsense type, I don't try and rake money from your pockets, but I do however, know what time costs.

I am willing to give a deal, but be willing to add lunch. I want to treat you with respect, so if your not happy just tell me I am the boss. I will deliver higher than your expectations, small company, so we are hometown friendly. Thanks for reading our ad. Call when You need us.