Need a ride? RED CIRCLE $25.00 one way

  • Personal Driver

Need a ride? Hit me up! Minimum is $25.00. All my cars are new, clean, well kept and eye appealing. I dont drink or do drugs. Most importantly, I AM RELIABLE! I can keep secrets as well. Your privacy and safety are my #1 concern.

If you need a ride, call me or get a hold of me on here. If you need me to wait for you, we can negotiate that. Ive included a map to give you some idea of what it will cost one way. If you are inside the RED CIRCLE it will be $25.00 one way. If you need a ride one way inside of the BLUE SQUARE it will be $40.00 And if you need a ride one way inside of the GREEN CIRCLE it will be $60.00. Anywhere outside of those areas we will have to negotiate.

If you need a far ride to another state I can and will take you. However, if your looking for a cheap ride, you might want to take a buss. James