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Want to make your party or get together AMAZING? Art Star Entertainment can make that happen when you host a Painting Party! Our artists will bring the materials and know-how, and with step by step instructions we can have your guests painting their own Monet in no time! Don't know what to paint? No problem!

We have a wide variety of options and your guests can vote for their favorite or we can make it up as we go along! Our experienced instructors are personable, fun, and engaging and have worked in the Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan area for decades. Not only will your guests have a blast, they will also have their very own painting as a keepsake that is unique and memorable. An added bonus is that when someone compliments their painting, they can say "I painted that" and we all know that bragging rights are priceless!

We offer four different options to fit every need.

1) Adult only painting parties. This is a great way to get family and/or friends together, enjoy some beverages and food, and occupy your guests in the MOST unique way!

2) Half-Pint painting parties (Kids only). Your group of kids can paint either a cool picture for their own wall or a holiday picture for a family member or loved one!

3) Mixed Group painting parties (Adults and children). For the mixed group parties, the children will paint a "kid friendly" themed painting decided on by the parents, while the adults paint a more complex and detailed painting decided on by the group.

4) Pet painting parties. Each individual will paint a picture of their very own pet based on a sketched outline of the pets basic shape pre-drawn by the instructor.

For more information, rates, or booking, please call Shelley Wilkinson. You and your guests will be SO glad you did!

Discounts for weekday (Monday through Thursday) bookings!
We also offer Face and Body Painting, Henna Art, and Glitter Art Painting Parties.