• Yard Clean-Up

I do low-impact clearance of invasive trees and brush from pastures, CRP, and other wooded or brushy land. We use a 72" forestry mower on a heavy skid steer loader to cut and mulch brush and trees up to 5-6" diameter. This works especially well on cedar and hedge trees. Trees up to this size are shredded and mulched in place, to be allowed to decompose back into the soil. This is done with minimal environmental impact to good grass and ground cover, compared to using a dozer. This is a very environmentally friendly process.

For invasive trees up to 10" diameter, we use a high-speed hydraulic tree saw attachment. We can windrow or pile the cut trees for burning.

We also do brush hog work on the heavy weed/light brush areas, if you need this done.

We are very productive.
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