Mr Shiny Wash. Pressure Washing! Clean windows! Spring Clean Up!!

  • Pressure Washing

Clean and maintain all surfaces Outside of the house. Including but not limited too:
6: House walls (clean off spider webs and mold mildew and of course years of dirt and grime)
5: Gutters (clean out all debris and flush all the downspouts)
4: Pressure wash walkways, driveways, patios porches, tile, pavers, brick and more.
3: Refinish (clean and seal) wood decks, wood furniture, wood siding, fences and more.
2: Seal concrete, pavers, decks fence, driveways, walkways,tile, limestone, Bluestone & more.
1: Clean windows

Cleaning of oil spots off the driveways and all surfaces
Let me know what you have - call...
Philip aka Mr Shiny Wash