Private Martial Arts lessons. UNIQUE CHRISTMAS GIFT!

  • Sport Lessons $50.00

Hello, my name is Brennon, I am 19 years old and am a certified martial arts instructor. I have been doing martial arts for 7 years, and teaching it for 5 years now.

I am a black belt instructor at a local martial arts school and can provide proof on request if asked. I am both the state and national champion for full contact, bare knuckle continuous sparring. I have an extensive amount of training and experience in multiple styles of martial arts. I am offering martial arts lessons for people of all ages, i can teach anything you want and will cater to your needs.

This can include little kid classes, adult or teen classes, grappling classes, sparring or street fighting classes, and anything you want. This could make a great and original Christmas gift for both kids and adults alike. If interested contact me and we can set up a time and place for the lesson.

I am offering a 30 minute lesson for the price of $30 or a full hour for $50. Do not miss this unique opportunity to get your loved one an interesting gift!