PROfessional Flooring removal services. Same day FREE estimates!

  • Hardwood Flooring

We are a skilled flooring removal service that offer help to both residential and commercial properties.
We are licensed and insured, affordable floor removal company that takes pride in quality work.

We use the most up to date equipment that reduces the time of floor covering removal and
floor preparation time by 50% - 70% plus does a better job.

We beat any written estimate. In most cases, we do the job for less than what you would rent the equipment for plus have the expertise. We also can provide dust containment for occupied commercial buildings and residential spaces. We remove anything from Vinyl, linoleum, thin set to urethanes adhesives to tile, wood, VCT, carpet, etc.
We are your Floor Removal Specialist.

We can quickly remove most types of flooring which include:

- Tile
- Stone
- Carpet
- Glue Down Carpet
- Vinyl
- Linoleum
- Engineered Wood
- Real Wood
- Mortar
- Thinset
- Dryset
- Glue
- Mastics

We can do some areas of up to 1500 square feet per hour!
Large or small areas not a problem.
Ceramic Tile, Marble, Granite, Slate, Travertine, Mexican Pavers and more.
Glued Carpet, Tacked down Carpet, Sports Floors,
Double Stick Carpet and more.
Vinyl Composite Tiles (VCT),
Cork , Sheet Vinyl, and others.
Glued Hardwood, Parquet, Plank, Bamboo, and other wood floors.
Rubber Floors, Elastomeric Coatings

We do residential and commerical interior work and
regularly work with designers, homeowners, and remodeling contractors.