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Karen DeBiasse -Voice and Instrument School and Instrument Repair

Singing Lessons
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Boston, MA

Phone number:

646-542-1676 PIN: 105138


  • Singing Lessons


VOICE AND INSTRUMENT SCHOOL - All Ages/Levels/Styles (Somerville or Your Home)

KAREN DE BIASSE - Anyone Can Learn With My Method!

It is completely untrue that some people are "born to sing or play an instrument" while others are not. Using my method, the most "tone deaf" can learn to sing perfectly in tune, the most nasal or unappealing sound can be transformed into the most beautiful resonant tone, and someone with "no talent" can become better than anyone out there. With this superb method when you finish singing your voice will feel better than when you started! All it takes is desire, patience, perseverance, and above all, practice. I also have a unique and very patient teaching style that can make learning any instrument seem easy. Anyone can learn with my method of teaching.

Breathing is the most important tool in singing. Let me help you to develop solid breathing and correct singing posture. An instrument only sounds as good as it's built. As we build your instrument your range, strength, resonance and stamina all improve. There is no end to how good you can get with my method.

The greatest thing about this method is it does not give you a style. You develop your own style! The student brings in songs they want to work on. Pop, rock, hip-hop, alternative, country, progressive, blues, jazz, swing, broadway, folk, rap, r+b, gospel, hardcore, screaming at the top of your lungs (if you want to)

I teach all ages and presently have students from three years old to students in their seventies. Beginners to advanced, adults to elderly, children, kids, and pre-school. Dante taught me that I can improve a person's life by teaching them music. He's certainly improved mine. I hope you will let me help to improve yours.

My method is guaranteed to cure any and all vocal problems or damage you may have from singing or talking: nodules, pitch, range, tone, endurance, etc.
Sing with no break
Have a smooth, multi-octave range. Sing any note the way you like: high or low, hard or soft.
No end to how you can improve
As long as you practice using this method, there is no limit as to how you can improve your range, tone, strength, flexibility, vibrato, phrasing, etc. Let me help you transcend fear, anxiety, and stage fright and replace it with technical ability and self-confidence.

We work on songs that the student brings with them to lessons. Using acting techniques, I help them understand the true meaning of the song and how to convey it to an audience.

Learn easily the basics of rhythm, notes and chords. Start with the basics and move into learning to play songs that you love. Incorporate learning to sing and play guitar on your favorite tunes. As the student becomes more confident the lessons move into learning advanced voicings, improvisational techniques and chord solos. All styles, all levels, all ages.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced professional, any age is welcomed. Learning to play the piano can be lots of fun and very rewarding with practice, persistence and the proper instruction. Learn easily the basics of rhythm, notes and chords. In the first lesson you will be able to play with both hands. As you continue lessons it will be fun and exciting to learn to play popular piano pieces. The more advanced student will have fun learning to improvise and play chord solos.

Learning to play the drums is really easy and fun with my method! Start by learning how to hold the sticks and position yourself at a full drum set. At the end of the first lesson you will be able to play beats. With each lesson new beats, styles and exercises will be added. As you get more advanced the student can bring in songs they want to learn. This method is perfect and easy for any beginner or more advanced student.

The bass is what holds the rhythm of the band together and provides the foundation and bottom for the chord structure. The student is taken in a step by step method that is easy to understand starting with learning basic notes, rhythms and finger exercises. As the student becomes more advanced they can bring in songs that they would like to learn. All styles, ages and levels.

Developing your ear is essential for any serious musician. We start by learning to sing simple melodies and rhythms and as the student progresses move to more challenging ones. Also incorporated will be learning notation and chord and pitch recognition.

Learn to write songs like the pros. Karen DeBiasse has written over two hundred and fifty song. Let her expertise help you learn the secrets fast. We will work on song structure, theory and lyric writing.

Karen DeBiasse is an honorary graduate of Berklee School of Music in Boston. There she acquired a degree in Jazz Composition and Arranging. She will teach you about notes, intervals, scales, chord structures and how chords work together. Also, you will learn how to arrange a song by adding drums, bass, guitar, horns, strings and whatever your heart desires.

Karen D


Boston, MA


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