• Pest Control

CimexTek is an independent bed bug inspection and detection company that uses certified trained dogs, rendering the most effective means to locate bed bugs. Ryan and Kris have created a business plan to give customers the enlightened service experience expected from a service company. The quick response to your correspondence is second to none. Within an hour of contacting CimexTek, an inspection team will contact you during normal business hours.

Our services include solutions for hotels, dorms, barracks, apartments, single-family homes, retirement communities, health care facilities and many more. CimexTek is licensed by the State of California Structural Pest Control Board to inspect and identify bed bugs as well as all other types of structural pests.

Our teams will inspect, locate and confirm whether bed bugs are present. We will make recommendations and explain the types of solutions a professional extermination company may use to eradicate your pest infestation.