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Valencia Termite Control

  • Pest Control
VALENCIA TERMITE CONTROL:A FULL SERVICE TERMITE COMPANY SELLING OR BUYING A HOME OR JUST NEED A TERMITE INSPECTION? We specialize in QUICK APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING, usually same-day. We know you needed it YESTERDAY! We will handle any TERMITE inspection related issue from the original inspection to any treatments or repairs which may be needed.

TERMITES OR FUNGUS/DRY-ROT? WOULD YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE? WE DO! PROTECT YOUR HOME! We will perform treatments and complete any repairs needed. Four year guarantee on a complete structure treatment for subterranean termites. Whether you are buying or selling a home and just need a "pest" inspection or if you are a concerned homeowner who has found termites or dry-rot, we will serve you with honesty, integrity and professionalism. I will give you that "personal touch" that you can only get with a local company. You won't get a more thorough inspection or better pricing anywhere.

"You're not just a number to me!" SERVING ALL OF ORANGE COUNTY. If you have found termites in your home and need an expert evaluation. Call NOW TO SCHEDULE A FREE ESTIMATE!! Four year guarantee on complete structure subterranean termite treatments! ICENSED, BONDED, INSURED