• House Cleaning

Home Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, and Window Cleaning available.

-Countertops: washed and polished
-Top of the stove: washed and polished
-Microwave: cleaned inside and out
-Outside of the ovens cleaned
-Refrigerator: outside and top cleaned
-Floor: vacuumed and washed

-Showers, tubs, tiles, tracks: washed and polished
-Vanity top: washed and polished
-Toilets: washed and polished
-Mirrors: polished
-Metal fixtures: polished
-Floors: vacuumed and polished

- Furniture: dusted and polished
- Light fixtures, mini-blinds: dusted
- Window sills, baseboards: dusted
- Mirrors: polished
- Carpets: vacuumed
- Floors: vacuumed and washed
- Cobwebs and fingerprints: spotted

This is an extra cleaning service
We offer a professional team who will come to
clean your window, tracks, and screens.
We clean residential and commercial locations.