Want to learn how to play guitar or bass? We can help

  • Music Lessons $100.00

Want to Learn to Play the guitar or bass?
Our excellent team of professional instructors can help you bring together your favorite song list, technique, charts, exercises, book material, YouTube favorites, CD's, MP3 files or any other material you have and bring it all together in an easy to understand system! Start playing in hours!

Private one-on-one Lessons $100/ $120: 4 or 5 per month
Instruction in Music specifically for the guitar and bass:
Our instructors offer a wide variety of musical styles ranging from classical, jazz, reggae and rock. We can teach the youngest hands to the most seasoned of individuals. Instruction in music with the aid of a professional player can add a new dimension to your guitar and bass abilities! We can help you to develop skills in every area of music. Our teaching staff are all professional working musicians with extensive backgrounds in instruction and education.

What we teach!
General Knowledge: Learn about how the instrument works, various ways of tuning and mechanics such as restringing and maintenance.

Theory: This is the understanding of how the 12 tones in music actually work. How notes combine into chords, how chords become families called keys, applying scales etc.

Rhythm: Learn to groove, swing, rock, bop or otherwise articulate time. Ear Training: Teach your ears to hear things with much more accuracy. Use your favorite music to explore the new knowledge you have about music!

Improvisation and composition - learn to solo over chord changes, make your own changes, and write your own music and arrangements.

We have incredible instructors here, all working professionals with high level music educations: Doug Pauly, Ken Billeci, Joe Lev, Tyson Graf, Melissa Collard, Nokes Kelley, Adam Block, Harley White Jr., Dave Lynch and our newest talent Jonathan Stoyanoff - bass monster!

Many of these amazing teachers are alumnus of CSUS, Sacramento City College and 6 of us are from Berklee College of Music Boston!!! It's like a little Berklee West!

They're really smart, fun to learn with and really fun teachers as well as amazing players and performing artists.
Thanks for taking a look!
Dave :-)

Guitar Workshop, since 1996
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