• Hair Stylist $60.00

Licensed professional! Cal to make hair appointments at anytime!

Can service you in the comfort of your own home with an extra convenience fee of $20 Bringing out the beauty in everyone!!!
No children allowed. Call for extra details.

Tanner bang is 5 extra with any style
Push up shortcut 60
Shortcut with pieces 65
Regular bond ins 50
Sew in Bobs 85
Regular sew in 100
Bond in wigs 100
Sew In wigs 160
Regular Recurl 25 for something simple
5 extra to glue down pieces
Short cut Recurl 30
Wand curls 25 up to 18 inch
Tips:15 a bundle
20 a bundle for basic color
Prices vary depending on color and length

No I don't provide the color!
Makeup 40 for something simple!
Prices are subject to change!