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10 DIY home storage ideas


Storage is a key to well-maintained, clutter-free and organized house. There’re numerous ways and solutions to implement storage systems into pretty much every room of your house or apartment.

However, those storage pieces aren’t necessarily the cheapest things ever. Especially if we’re talking about those cute and decorated bins and holders.

However, if you get just a little bit creative and crafty, you may repurpose different things of your household into effective and cheap storage DIYs.

Here’re a few of those inexpensive and easy-to-make DIY storage ideas you may try out.

Cheap and creative storage ideas

  1. Have you heard that you’re not supposed to keep more than one toothbrush in one holder to prevent cross-contamination? That’s right.
    But how can you organize toothbrush solo storage not to occupy the entire bathroom sink area with toothbrushes?
    Well, take a piece of new plastic tubing tall enough to hold a toothbrush in an upright position, glue it to the pipe end caps or washed toothpaste caps with flat bottom.
    Make a hole in each DIY toothbrush holder and pop onto the door of your bathroom cabinet using a command hooks. That’s it!
  2. A couple of old leather belts nailed onto the wall and two scrap wood planks nailed to them will serve as rustic or farm house style shelves.
    Minimum time, effort and money involved, but additional wall storage for your bathroom towels or makeup provided.
  3. Is your garage cluttered with garden tools and supplies scattered all over the place. Use these easy to make wall mounted garden tool holders to organize them.
    Just get PVC pipe or repurpose stiff plastic bottles, cut them into 4 inch holders, attach them to the garage wall with screws.
    Make two parallel rows of holders, so that each tool is secured in place by top and bottom one.
    Label top holders. This way you’ll always know where this or that garden tool should go.
  4. Do you have zero storage space for your handyman tools? Well, if you install special long DIY tool storage drawers right under your deck, you won’t have that problem ever again.
    Go to HireRush.com and leave a deck transformation task for local carpenters to find the perfect use for the least storage-employed area of your house.
    Leave your request here
  5. Make a hole in a Mason jar lid. Take a wire and twist it into a circle, pull it through the lid hole and straighten its ends on the inner side of the lid to secure the loop in place.
    Attach cute hooks or even simple screws to the wall in your laundry room, pantry, kitchen or even child study area and hang these DIY Mason jar storage containers.
    Store clothes washing or cleaning products, clothes pins, dry snacks, spices, pens and pencils in them.
  6. Do you find those office organizers insanely expensive?
    Well, you may totally transform old metal tins into quite handy office table organizers by painting or decorating them according to your taste.
    Screw them onto the wall to save your precious desk space and decorate your wall at the same time.
  7. You may transform plastic or metal buckets into laundry room storage for dirty clothes or washing supplies in a similar way.
  8. Mount wine racks and metal baskets onto the bathroom wall to store towels and robes. Wire baskets will also work as book shelves, makeup or kid toys storing units, closet organizers, etc.
  9. There’s no need to waste your money on numerous plastic storage bins and drawer organizers when you can make DIY ones.
    Decorate old cardboard boxes with colorful paper and use them for under-bed or laundry room storage.
    Cut old cardboard sheets according to the length and width of your dresser’s drawers, make notches to slot one piece into another, decorate with wrapping paper and install into the drawers. Visit Howcast.com to watch a step-by-step tutorial.
    Now you’re ready to organize your clothes!
  10. This shoe storage DIY will help you stop the hall area shoes clutter.
    Install a low metal rail and using pant hangers with clippers to organize your boots, trainers and other shoes. Pretty neat and displayed.

Comments (4)

  1. Miss Hanson

    6. A really valuable post about home storage solutions…. I love the idea with the belt. How did you attach it to the wall? Many thanks! Miss Hanson

    1. Elena Sheplyakova (Post author)

      Hi,Miss Hanson! Glad you liked it!
      About the belt – just attach it to the wall using really strong nails.

  2. Andrew Webber

    The mason jar idea seems very clever. However, I have a question-How do you know how tight the rings should be? I mean, don’t the jars slip off?

    1. Elena Sheplyakova (Post author)

      I’m glad you liked it. As you’re going to secure the wire ring to the jar (read the instructions carefully once again), you’ll just have to make sure that the lid is screwed onto the jar properly and nothing will slip off)


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