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10 things your garden wants you to do this fall


Even though the major garden hustle was left in summer, there are still a few garden chores and tasks you need to complete in order to make the most out of your garden, as well as give it the right treatment within the next season preparation work.

Some people have to finish harvesting and take care of the soil. Some people need to find the way to use their fruits and vegetables till they’re still fresh and tasty. Some people have to take fall care of their plants, and some tireless gardeners make plans to plant new crops even in fall. Flower souls need to renew their flower beds and provide essential cold protection to their tender shrubs and flowers.

No matter which of these groups you belong to, you’ll still appreciate a tiny piece of useful fall gardening advice. The fall gardening tips I’m going to share with you will help you conduct the last fall gardening activities and get your garden ready for the next spring, as well as open up a couple of fall planting secrets.

Hope you’ll find them helpful and reassuring.

Fall gardening tips and chores

  1. Leaf raking is one of the most annoying fall gardening jobs. However, you need to take it seriously and make sure to rake the areas that need it the most.
    Flower beds, lawns and areas around smaller trees and shrubs are the spots you have to rake a couple of times throughout the fall, but not wait till all the leaves fall down to clean them up at a heat. Otherwise, your lawns and plants might suffer from fungus, insect infestation and even rotting.
  2. Don’t forget to go through your garden and mark your perennials while they still have their crowns on.
    Use sticks with ribbons or even wire nets for that matter.
    This way you won’t forget their location and damage them in the early spring.
  3. Introduce new additions to your orchard. If you’d like to plant a couple of new fruit trees, mid-fall is the perfect time to do that.
    However, you should look up different kinds of fruit trees online and figure out the best planting timing for them.
    Also, a professional tree contractor or a garden center consultant might help you make your choice.
  4. Consider planting for overwintering to be able to enjoy fresh homegrown fruit and vegetables earlier than usual.
    Most people know that garlic is something you can plant for overwintering.
    However, beginning gardeners might be surprised by the fact that numerous crops might be planted in early and mid-fall directly into the ground for overwintering.
    Peas, spring cabbage, spring onions, spinach and a lot more will be great for harvesting a lot earlier than we’re used to if you plant them in fall.
    Go to Johnnyseeds.com to check out the crops you may plant during your fall gardening, as the overwintering schedule.
  5. Do you have any small trees you’d like to move? You should do it this fall then. Just remember that the best time to transplant trees is right after their leaves start changing their color.
    Don’t transplant evergreen trees and shrubs in fall though. This is the job one should complete in the late summer.
  6. Save money on seeds, lawn fertilizers and seeds, garden tools and spring-blooming bulbs during the fall gardening sales.
    Most garden centers and shops do them during this time of the year to reduce the amount of stuff they’ll have to store during the winter.
    That’s why you may buy the seeds you’d like to plant next year, various tools, soil fertilizers and even plants and save up to 50% of the total price.
    You can store all of that in your garage, right?
  7. Would you like to get the plants for free? Why don’t you divide the roots of your perennials, ask you friends and neighbors to give you a root or two and plant them in your garden?
    This kind of plants will only benefit from the fall root splitting. And you’ll get the chance to expand your garden collection for free!
  8. Catch the last fall brightness by replacing your annual flowers with fall-blooming ones.
    Stop by your nearest shop, purchase a couple of pots with pansies, asters, verbena, etc. and give your fall gardening the last flower go.
  9. Conduct a major garden pre-winter clean-up. Remove old annuals that stopped reducing, get rid of weeds, cover your rose bushes for winter and look into fall lawn and soil fertilizing.
    Make sure to collect all your garden tools and bring them back to your garage. Don’t forget to go to HireRush.com and post a sprinkler system winterizing request not to deal with ridiculous replacement expenses the next season.
    Leave your request here
  10. If any of your house plants spent their summer outside, don’t forget to bring them back home before the temperature drops lower than they can withstand.

Once the fall garden chores are complete, don’t forget to enjoy your last fall bonfire and enjoy your winter gardening break.
You’ve done great this season!

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