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10 great shoe organization ideas


If you’re a true shoe lover, you definitely believe that there’s no such thing as too many shoes. But that’s until you realize that you literally have no space to store your current collection.

And where you’re supposed to place your brand new pair of heels or those incredible trainers you’ve been hunting for for so long?

Having a wide shoe choice is a privilege that is paired with a constant struggle of keeping them at least somewhat organized.

The easiest way to change that situation and combat the shoe clutter is to hire a professional contractor who’d build a nice shoe closet for a true collector. Or, a spacious rack for shoes in your current closet.

This way you’ll be able to display your shoes, but not tuck them away in boxes.

You’ll always be able to see all shoes you have and choose the ones that suit your outfit without spending half an hour on rummaging through your shoe boxes in search of a particular pair, giving up on everything and putting the closest pair of flats on.

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Unfortunately, not all shoe addicts (me included) have enough space to build a full-blown shoe closet in their homes.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have no chance to keep your shoes organized.

These tips will help you with shoe organization and maintenance just fine.

How to organize your shoe collection

  1. As usual, decluttering is the first rule of home organization.
    So, before thinking about how to organize your shoes, decide which ones you’re ready to get rid of/give away.
    Old and outworn pairs, the ones you never reach out to and really uncomfortable ones shouldn’t occupy extra space on your racks.
  2. Stick to color, style and season coordination. Flats, heels, trainers, boots and sandals should go their separate ways. Nude, bright, brown and black shoes should stick together.
    Your shoe racks will look a lot prettier this way. And, your shoe choosing process will be much faster and easier.
  3. Use horizontal shelve dividers to double the space on tennis shoes’and flats’ shelves.
    Sandals, flip flops and even flats will feel just fine inside file organizers on your closet shelve
  4. A five tier shoe rack that holds up to 5-6 pairs of shoes on each level (from 25 to 30 pairs in total!!!) will help you keep your shoes off the closet floor and save the precious space in it.
    You may also place it in your hallway and let your family members or roommates have one shelf each.
    This way you’ll get rid of shoe clutter in your entryway.
    Moreover, you’ll be able to keep more that one-two pairs of seasonal shoes right at your main door
  5. If you don’t have too many shoe shelves/racks, try to keep exclusively seasonal items on them.
    Put other shoes away into the boxes.
    Or, use a shoe storage seat to organize out-of-season items. Cardboard dividers will help you keep it neat.
  6. Install a couple of tension rods at a low level to store your shoes in your closet if you don’t want to buy a separate rack or shelving unit.
    Position two parallel rods at the same level to create perfect flat shoe storage place and stagger them to store high heels.
  7. Build a shoe system in your garage to store muddy fall and winter boots, as well as shoes that are out of season at the moment.
    You’ll save your closet space and prevent dirt, slush and dust prom getting on your polished wooden floors or carpets at the same time.
  8. This rotating bookshelf repurposed into a shoe rack will not allow any shoe pair to hole up at the back. Just spin it around a couple of times to make your choice of shoes for the day.
  9. Wooden thread rack may be transformed into a great shoe rack for your little one. Your child’s shoes will look amazing on it.
    It’s incredibly easy to keep this rack organized. And, it will fit into the closet underneath the main rails just fine.
    Or, you may paint it to match the color theme of your child’s room and display the coolest (or the most used) shoes on it.
  10. You don’t really need to sacrifice your shoe rack space to organize your sandals and flip flops.
    Just attach a couple of parallel strings onto the back wall of your closet, bend the ends of wire hangers up and use them to store your summer shoes.
    Each hanger will hold at least two pairs of sandals, preventing them from tangling and scattering all over the place.
    Bend a piece of wire in half and bend its ends at a 300 angle into a hook to be able to use these rods to store your flats.

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