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13 clever laundry room organization ideas


It’s unexpectedly difficult to keep your laundry room clean and organized.

Dirty clothes that get scattered all over it, an impressive collection of empty detergent bottles, lost and never found socks, random piles of ‘extra’ items, air drying items and cleaning products with no designated storage space make it over cluttered and quite unpleasant to be in.

However, proper organization system that’s easy to keep up with will prevent your laundry room from being an absolute mess.

So, without further ado, let’s see what laundry room organization ideas might help you turn your laundry area from a total disaster to organization goals!

Ideas on how to organize your laundry room

  1. Color coordination one of the first laundry room organization ideas I’d suggest to implement. Saves a lot of laundry time and keeps your laundry room decently kept together.
    It’s quite easy to stick to this rule once you prepare everything you need to do it.

    So, get a couple of baskets or a laundry hamper unit with dividers and use sticky chalkboard labels = color coordinators.
    A set of one white, one black and two colorful (dark and light) plastic baskets will be amazing as well.

  2. You always find some loose change in pockets while loading clothes into the washing machine. And, it often appears scattered all over the laundry room.
    A small piggy bank or a mason jar to collect those coins will solve the problem.
  3. Socks are laundry devils. They get lost and found pretty much every time you unload your washer/drier.
    So, a special ‘sock claim’ basket or board with rope to store random socks until their owner recognizes them is quite clever laundry room organization idea.
  4. Those people who have front load washers and dries should definitely go to HireRush.com to post a request for/ contact a handyman to attach a wide wooden board above them.
    That will be their countertop/folding station/laundry baskets’ area replacement. Cheap and easy, isn’t it? Leave your request here
  5. If you live with roommates or have a lot of kids to do laundry for, organize your baskets by attaching to them labels with names of those people to be able to sort your clean and dirty laundry efficiently.
    Older kids will be able to put their worn items into the designated baskets and fold their own clothes once they’re clean and dry.
    Or, your roommates will stop mixing up their underwear with yours. :-)
  6. If you have quite tiny laundry room with no space to hang a lot of long clothes drying ropes, find a handyman and ask him to install special built-in retractable lines.
    You’ll be able to hide it inside your cabinet or just fold it together when you don’t need it.
    Efficient small laundry space use, as well as another step to improve your energy saving (no electric drier need, ha!)
  7. A fold down shelve with padding will serve as clothes folding area that will be much more convenient than the top of your washing or drying machine.
    And, if you choose/make the one that comes with padding and cotton cover, you’ll be able to use it instead of an ironing board, which takes up a ton of precious laundry room space, as well.
  8. If you don’t have a lot of cupboard/counter space in your laundry room, you may hang a large multileveled wire rack over the door.
    Store your clothes washing essentials, as well as some cleaning products there.
    Easy reach
    and quick search will make it even more convenient than traditional cabinet storage.
  9. Have a separate basket for the ‘dry cleaning only’ items.
    Another option is to install a rod below the shelve/between cabinets for people to hang clothes they need to get dry cleaned.
    You may use this rode to air dry delicate clothing items on plastic hangers to prevent fabric damage and creasing.
  10. Detergent, conditioner and fabric softener dispensers will allow you to store your clothes washing essentials more efficiently.
    And, you’ll be able to buy larger bottles of your favorite clothes washing essentials (which turn out to be more budget-friendly in the long run) and avoid heavy lifting.
    You may repurpose your old beverage dispenser for this matter.
  11. Receipts, chewing gum, candy wrappers and other lint that’s often found in jeans’ pockets during the pre-wash examination needs to go somewhere.
    Just find something to use as a lint can, hang onto the wall in your laundry room closer to the dirty clothes’ hampers and stop the laundry room clutter.
  12. Find a cute guide that explains clothing tag signs, print it out, frame it and hang above your washing and drying machines.
    Then, you or a member of your family, who’s not quite good at laundry, will be able to choose proper washing settings without any problems.
    What a useful wall art, isn’t it?
  13. Wire baskets mounted onto the wall will add to the cleaning products storage.
    Those will give you an opportunity to sort your cleaning/laundry soaps, sprays, gels, etc. according to their designation and keep them organized on a constant basis.

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