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15 neat garage organization ideas

organized garage

Most commonly, garage is the most cluttered areas of the entire house. Whether people don’t have enough storage in there or their current organization system is not too comfortable and easy to maintain.

Or people just use their garage as one large garbage dump for everything they don’t need anymore, but also didn’t manage to throw or give away (like large cardboard boxes, broken kids’ toys, broken appliances, etc.).

Anyway, garage is the area we decide to clean up when it’s already too over cluttered for us to be able to find something or squeeze our car in without hitting another box with ‘stuff’.

And, when it comes to that point, it’s necessary to conduct a major spring cleaning, as well as garage organization to make sure that the ‘clutter bomb’ doesn’t explode in your garage once again.

That’s why I’ve compiled a few garage organization ideas that will help you organize this area and make it quite easy to keep it well-maintained.

Tips and tricks to organize your garage

  1. Clear it out. Make sure that you go through everything you have in your garage and throw away all garbage that doesn’t belong in there.cuttered garage
  2. At the same time, sort your things into ‘organized piles’ according to different categories (like garden tools, car repair tools, seasonal decorations, household tools, lawn care tools, house cleaning supplies, outdoor entertainment things, toys, random small things, etc.).
    This way you’ll be able to put them away into specified, easy to find places much faster.
  3. Employ the wall space to clear out the garage floor as much as you can. Use various hooks, k-rail systems, wire wall-mounted baskets, storage bins and shelving units to do that.garage wall storage
  4. A DIY wooden holder for shovels, rakes, brooms and other garden tools or a special tool tower rack will keep your garden instruments in one place and prevent them from scattering all over the garage.garden tools wall garage rack
  5. Build yourself a garage workshop corner.
    A flip down table with shelves/mini drawer units to store your numerous screws, nails and other smaller details, as well as a couple of peg boards hung above this table to keep your hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, spanners, saws, mallets, grips, wrenches, etc. on will make you feel like a real handyman who knows his stuff and keeps everything in order.
    Besides, this is an excellent way to keep everything you need to conduct a brief fixing job in a hand’s reach and in full view.garage workshop table with pegboard
  6. Attach 2-3 rows of metal shelves above your workshop or wall storage racks.
    That will be the place to store plastic bins or cardboard boxes with stuff you rarely/seasonally use (like snow gear, Christmas decorations, old clothes, deflated pool toys, electric tools you don’t reach out for on a regular basis, etc.)metal wall shelve with plastic storage bins and baskets
  7. Find one large and a couple of mini storage drawer units for your garage.
    Use chalkboard stickers and chalkboard pen to label each drawer, conduct even more detailed sorting and store your tools and different hardware in separate categories.
    Place them near your workshop area.drawer storage unit for garage
  8. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on those units, you may definitely make them out of recycled wood and plastic bottles.
    Watch this tutorial on YouTube.com to learn how to make one of your own.diy plastic bottle drawer storage unit in garage
  9. Hooks and plastic bottles with cutout holes will allow you to store different types of screws, bolts and other sorted hardware on pegboards.
  10. If your garage is not as spacious as you’d like it to be, you may eliminate the lack of garage storage space with the help of ceiling-mounted storage containers or shelves.
    Just go to HireRush.com to leave a container sliders/shelves installation task for handymen in your local area or message one of them directly from the website.
    Those pros will gladly help you with custom garage storage installation as well. ceiling storage bins in garage
    Leave your request here
  11. Organize bikes (adult’s and kids’ ones) and skateboard with special wall hanging racks. This way even several vehicles will take up minimum amount of space. And, they’ll also look quite cool when hung onto the wall. diy-garage-bike-storage-rack-gmnh2o9l0ghpqsj7
  12. A wall-mounted basket with all equipment for ball games (different balls, bats, helmets, gloves) located just alongside of a similar basket or bin storage unit for kids’ and pets’ outdoor toys will significantly improve your garage organization, as well as make it easier to store outdoor entertainment things.boy taking out a ball from storage basket in garage
  13. Organize separate shelving and rack corner for your garden/lawn care tools and supplies (like buckets, shovels, garden hoses, lawn movers, water sprinklers, etc).
    It’s better to keep them closer to the entrance, where you’d be able to reach them easily even with the cars parked inside the garage.garden tools and lawn mover stored in garage
  14. Organize your cleaning supplies in a similar way, but locate them closer to the door that connects your house and garage.organized cleaning supplies in garage
  15. If you like to exercise at home, a wire grid with hooks mounted onto the wall to hang your weights, floor mats and other equipment will be quite useful.
    Moreover, that metal grid may serve as the base you may attach different storage baskets to. It may substitute a pegboard for your tools as well.

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