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How to paint windows in 6 steps

Colorful windows

Some peoples believe windows in a house to be comparable with eyes in human’s body. As we know, eyes considered to be a mirror of a soul, a reflection of an internal state. The same can we say about the role of windows in our home.

Good-looking and well-groomed windows tell us about a tidy home owner while old unpainted and weather-beaten windows show many of the negative features of the person.

Windows thus, can have a great influence not only for the building but also for its owner. That’s why, pay attention to your windows. If you’ve just moved to a new house you may have to install new windows. You’ll probably need window installers. clean windows

So this article will be devoted to painting windows as one of the most efficient way to freshen up the outlook of your home, as well as attract attention of your neighbors and strangers passing by your house.

Of course there is no sense to paint the glass, as normally, we want the sunlight to reach indoors. So, we’ll talk about painting window frames. They could be made of wood, aluminum, plastic etc. Nevertheless, let’s focus on basic multipurpose tips that are suitable for most types of materials.

Get acquainted with the information below to have your windows repainted.  The task can be accomplished both yourself or by window repair contractors.

Your guide on painting windows

1. Prepare your windowswindows painting prep

The first step is to prepare the windows to painting. For effective painting, start with cleaning windows and windows trims. It’s better to wash them by a strong rush of water but in some cases if you regularly clean your windows up just pour some water and dry with a cloth. You may use special cleaning liquids or sprays.

At all events make sure that all the dirt, cobweb and old paint are removed. Pay attention to stains and wholes, you should eliminate them. Doing all these will give an opportunity to coat your windows evenly.

2. Pass on to paintingpainting a window

Pour the paint into the bucket. Before painting take into your consideration that if you’re going to repaint window into another color you won’t have to thin paint too much. That’s because you need a heavy coat of paint on the frames. Stir the paint.

Take the brush; start painting. When dipping into the bucket, try not to take more paint than necessary.

3. Begin with top

Start off your painting with the interior part on the top of the frame. Then, move forward to top corners and go down. smoothly painting

4. Paint smoothly

Watch the color was even and try to paint smoothly. Actually, in most cases you need a second coat. Before painting second time, let the paint dry a bit. Find gaps and eradicate defects.

5. Remove the excess paintexcess paint

The excess paint may fall on glass or make skin and clothes dirty, so be ready to wipe it off. You can also use a tape to protect some areas from undesirable paint. After finishing, you may need a razor blade or knife to remove the rest droppings. Those who did it before faced the screaming noise. It says you that the angle was chosen incorrectly.

Scratch the remnants (but not the glass surface) and clean the window again.

Before finishing make sure if you don’t need any professional assisstance, which you can always find on HireRush.com

6. Finish painting

Eliminate a tape from window frames if used. Check the result of your work. If it satisfies you, let the window dry.

Congratulations! The task is competed. Hope you successfully managed to do it. If not, contact our professionals. You may leave a request by clicking on the button below. Leave your request here

In addition to our tips, let’s mind some more useful advice and safety measures.

First of all, remember that preparation is worth your time spending.  If prepared in proper manner and the surface is dry and clean, the paint will serve you much more time. Then, don’t economize on the paint, as its quality will define the term of its serving and the appearance of your windows.

Next, be careful of dust, especially in old houses. The smell of paint can be harmful as well. You may use respirators to prevent yourself from damage.

These were the instruction on how to paint a window.  You can easily apply them in practice and improve your home’s appearance significantly.

So let the beauty of your windows tell only the best about you.

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  1. Byron van der Merwe

    Good tips. Being a professional painter and handyman myself, there is nothing better to get a house looking great than painting the windows. I have also found working from the top down is by far the easiest way to paint windows. Regards


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