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The Top 5 Neighborhoods For Upcoming Professionals In Sacramento


Many people do not know that Sacramento is California’s capital city. Most people think it’s Los Angeles or San Diego. Sacramento has created an excellent reputation for itself, and when people visit or move to the city, they understand why. It is ranked as one of the best and most affordable places to live in the state of California. Its low unemployment rate and affordable cost of living have contributed as some of the main factors that make Sacramento such a desirable place to live among upcoming professionals. 


The housing market is also significant, and there are several housing Ofirio condos for sale in Sacramento that won’t dig too deep into your account. So what are some of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento for a while? Let’s find out.



If you are looking for a family-friendly neighborhood, Folsom is the top one on that list. This neighborhood has a welcoming feel, and it is easy to make new friends with the neighbors quickly. The town’s streets are spotless and secure, making this neighborhood one of the safest places for a family. 

It also has some of the best schools, public amenities, restaurants, and amusing attraction sites where you can take your family for outdoor activities. The economy in the area is steady, and the job market is suitable for people looking to be employed. The town is only an hour’s drive from Sacramento CBD; therefore, people working in the latter have an easy time commuting every morning. 


East Sacramento

East Sacramento is also one of the most affordable places to live. The cost of living here is low because most local amenities, such as shopping malls and stores, are within walking distance of people’s homes. The neighborhood is amicable and encourages dog walking and jogging due to the many trails and parks available in the area. 

The town is also home to well-organized restaurants and coffee shops with beautiful spaces where you can take captivating pictures while you enjoy a brunch date with friends or family. Not forgetting the schools in this area, the town is also home to some of the most reputable universities in California, including California State University. If you are looking for a neighborhood that offers you the advantage of living near your place of study, then this is it. 


Tahoe park

Tahoe Park is another desirable neighborhood in Sacramento. One of the best features of Tahoe Park is that it is near Central Sacramento. Tahoe Park is an excellent alternative for people who cannot afford housing costs in central Sacramento because workers can commute comfortably without any hustle. 

An affordable neighborhood is only some of what the town has to offer. There are also plenty of attractions that will keep you busy during the weekends. This town has shown much growth in the past year, and it is great for professionals looking for a place to settle down and create a good life for themselves. 



The LandPark neighborhood is close-knit, and people there pride themselves on knowing everyone in their community. The neighborhood is great for individuals who have families and want to buy single-family homes. LandPark brings together its community through the many events and festivals throughout the year. Being an affluent neighborhood, LandPark is also considered a great place to raise children because of its reputable educational institutions. 

The buildings are also quite admirable due to their unique architectural styles, and various building styles are displayed across the neighborhood. The outdoors are also fun, like visiting the parks, jogging along the paved rails, playing golf, and fishing, among many others.  Because it supports people from all backgrounds and lifestyles, LandPark has become one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Sacramento. 



With its lively restaurants, beautiful coffee shops, indie boutiques, and vibrant bars, the Midtown community is considered a desirable neighborhood for professionals. The area is never dull, and there are always activities and events to keep everyone engaged. 

Buzzing with so many activities, the area is full of job opportunities, making it an excellent place for upcoming professionals and Millennials seeking to venture into the real world. The neighborhood features amazing restaurants, bars, trendy shopping centers, and farmer’s markets, making it easy for people in the community to find all the items they need for their households..


North Oak Park

North Oak Park is an urban neighborhood great for young professionals. The area has undergone notable development over the last few years, and it is a great place for young people to work and live. Their eateries, cafes, coffee shops, and boutiques make the neighborhood a vibrant community to be a part of. You can buy all your essentials, from clothes to shoes, to houseplants to books, from various shops in the area. The neighborhood hosts events like the Gather Oak Park festival, bringing the community together through music, food, drinks, and art.




When it comes to neighborhoods, Sacramento has it all, whether you prioritize safety or affordability. This is one of the most affordable cities in California, despite the fact that the state has some of the highest living costs in the country. Even by many states’ standards, Sacramento is still relatively affordable, especially when compared to other cities.

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