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5 Reasons Why Bodrum is the Perfect Place to Buy a Second Home in Turkey


Turkey is one of the largest countries you will come across. Besides its diversity and open arms to foreigners, there are countless places you can live, start a family, and enjoy a solitary or busy life, depending on your personality. However, other than places to buy cheap property in Turkey, each locality has its own special features and perks; this article focuses on five reasons why you should buy a house in Bodrum; it will also slightly touch on the downsides of living in this part of the country.


Living in Bodrum – Five (5) Amazing Reasons to Consider

According to residents and tourists who have stayed in or visited Bodrum, here are five great reasons to stay in Bodrum.


Minimal Police/Law Enforcement interferences

Do you know that part of the country where law enforcement is not breathing down on your neck and staring for the pettiest reasons? Residents say you could drive without your helmet and not get into trouble (although that’s not so safe if you enjoy riding without a helmet, this is the best place to go). You can infer that tourists have high freedom, and you can easily get off for minor issues that are not publicly offensive. On the other hand, it is a quite safe place to live in, with a crime rate way below average. You are 80% safe walking at night, and the area is calm.


It is Cheap to live in Bodrum

Living in Bodrum is quite affordable and relatable for an average earner. Generally, it is cheap to live in Turkey, but Bodrum is then one of the cheapest places to stay. The indigenous markets sell all kinds of cooking recipes which makes them accessible to all, and if you are the type to order food more often than you cook, you will not lose too much of your savings to your belle. For additional information, read more on the official website Turk.Estate. Rated as one of the cheapest places to get a property in Turkey, Bodrum has the advantage of cost.


An Easy Life

A resident once reported that his biggest flex living in Bodrum is the calmness and the fact that nobody is ever too busy or too late. There are many buses you can catch if you are running late, and you are not likely to be overwhelmed by traffic issues. Coupled with the cost of living, many cheap relaxation options, and cool spots, people rate life in Bodrum as peaceful. Living in other parts of Turkey, such as the busy angles of Istanbul, a home in Bodrum could be a breath of fresh air and an in-country holiday house.


A Great Place for Retirees

Bodrum rates very highly among the retiree community. The factors that make it so desirable in this light are the ample relaxation spots, the affordability of feeding and housing, the cost of a nice time out, and the overall ease of transportation, mobility, etc. Retirees do not earn so much and live off savings; what better way to save and live well than to live in a relaxing low key area where you do not need to stress yourself much? Thankfully, there is also a high number of young folks in Bodrum too.


It is very touristy

You can find literally anything you want tourists-wise in Bodrum. People travel from other parts of Turkey to experience the fun life in Bodrum; while living there, you would be at the center of it all. There are all sorts of luxury resorts, hotels, and hangout joints. Not to mention the beautiful postcard city areas, and tourist sites around. According to residents, some of the best areas to live in Bodrum include Yalikavak, Turgutreis, Golturkbuku, Bitz, Ortakent Yahchi, and Gulmusluk, which all offer easy luxury property options that do not demand every penny to close.


There you have it! The top 5 perks of living in Bodrum.




Bodrum is highly touristy, so it experiences a boom when tourism is at its highest in Turkey, and when there’s a decline (such as during Covid 19 days), business literally crumbles, and everything becomes slow and unlucrative, so you may want to keep that in mind. More so, insider information says that there are some insanely expensive restaurants you should beware of; while the locals know the cheap places to eat fish, foreigners often fall for those traps, so here’s a heads up. Meanwhile, you may not easily find famous chain restaurants like Mcdonald’s and KFC, but here are pretty decent places to eat.


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