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5 top cooking channels for everyone


All of the end-and-start-of-the-year big events are over. We hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations to the maximum together with your colleagues, friends, and family. You will agree that one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of any party is food. Unless you have a really huge landing force of guests and have to invite professionals in cooking to help you prepare enough food, you may show your own culinary skills to amaze everyone. There are several sources where you can obtain recipes for your dishes. You can read cookbooks or watch cooking shows on television and online. While cookbooks and TV shows have been around for tens of years, specialized Internet channels are something of a novelty. We have reviewed the cooking channels available on YouTube and selected the best of them in our opinion.

1. Food Wishes

With over two million subscribers, this is one of the most popular YouTube cooking channels. It is run by Chef John (John Mitzewich), who advises any novice in cooking not to be intimidated by the kitchen and not to worry about the quality of their dish because food can feel when one is scared. Chef John has been teaching YouTube viewers how to cook for over a decade. He is a real professional. Apart from working as a chef in many places, he even taught the culinary art at the California Culinary Academy (located in San Francisco). What sets John’s show apart from other cooking channels is his interaction with the viewers. He asks them what dish they would like to learn to cook and then shows them the whole process of making it. As you are looking forward to Valentine’s day, why not follow the video from Chef John on how to make Torrone (Italian Nut and Nougat Confection)?

chef working


One is never enough. SORTEDFood offers you a collective cooking experience with four friends from Britain showing what a real cooking social platform should look like. Each of them is responsible for their part in the show: marketing, design, technology, and, of course, cooking. Only one of them is a professional cook wearing an apron – Ben Ebbrell. So, most of the questions the viewers have are directed to Ben. The guys upload four videos a week, trying to make them entertaining, inspirational, and informative at the same time. The feature that makes SORTEDfood distinct among similar cooking channels is the community with their own recipes, photos, and comments. The latest from SORTEDfood: The Ultimate bottomless brunch battle.

one of the cooking channels with several cooks

3. Epic Meal Time

Thanks to such star guests as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Epic Meal Time has been watched by almost a billion viewers. If the diet is not something on your mind, the host Harley Morenstein will show you how to prepare dishes overloaded with calories. Bacon, different types of meat, candy, and even whiskey: Those are usual products used by Morenstein and his partners to make their truly gigantic, mouth-watering meals. How about an omelet of 84 eggs, a double-barrel 12-gauge hot dog, or a million calorie lasagna? You will hardly find many cooking channels that teach their viewers to cook those kinds of monsters.


4. How to Cook That: One of the most creative cooking channels

Are you a sweet tooth? Then, the Australian YouTube channel ‘How to Cook That’ is just right for you. This show, though, is not about simple cakes or desserts. Ann Reardon is a very creative person. She will teach you how to make … handbags from sponge or a giant Snickers bar. Ann claims she never pre-makes or practices before making even the fanciest and the most elaborate of her creations. At the moment, the channel has more than 2 million subscribers. One of them, in Ann’s words, even started his own cake shop after watching her videos. Why not follow his suit?


5. Laura in the Kitchen

If you are keen on Italian cuisine, go to the ‘Laura in the Kitchen’ YouTube channel. This interactive and easy-to-follow cooking show is hosted by Laura Vitale and is targeted at ordinary home cooks since Laura herself is an ordinary home cook. ‘Laura in the Kitchen’, unlike outrageous, viral cooking channels such as ‘Epic Meal Time’ teaches people how to cook traditional Italian-American meals. Laura says that her channel appeals to the everyday person, and that’s why she uploads a new video recipe every day. Want to see the world through the eyes of an Italian? Laura will show you how to prepare her favorite dish from her nonna: Homemade gnocchi.


Learning to cook like a professional chef requires a lot of time and practice. Thankfully, YouTube is full of cooking channels for everyone. Try one of those described above or search for others that are more specific for your taste and goals, but never stop learning!

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