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6 Tips on How To Hire the Right Barbers for Your Barbershop


While some people thrive better working by themselves, others are better off working with a team. That is also the case with barbers. Some barbers prefer to manage small and quaint barbershops where they have one-on-one relationships with their customers. Logically speaking, not everyone can handle the pressure and the struggles of managing other people.

However, If you are like the “others,” who thrive better with the help of a team of barbers, then you have come to the right place. Based on my personal experience, I have compiled a list of tips to help you hire the right barbers for your barbershop.


1. Know What Kind of Barbers You and Your Barbershop Need

That is the first and the most crucial part of the process. For instance, if you want to buy new clippers, probably because the one you have is not giving you great haircuts. Naturally, it would be best if you considered some things like its specifications before you purchase it in a store or order it online. 

Yes, barbers are actual people, not objects. Still, the same thought process determines qualities you would be looking out for in them. It is imperative that you identify those specific qualities or skillsets which define “the right barber” for you.


2. Advertise Your Vacancy

Make sure to incorporate the qualities you identified above into your job advert. Then, come up with an attractive albeit honest job advert that should include the required qualifications, job description, work hours, and pay.

To save yourself the hassle of actively seeking out barbers, you can use recruitment platforms to find barbers near you.


3. Carry Out Some Tests or Set a Probationary Period

Once you have applicants, the next step is interviewing them. It is also important that the barbers you hire meet your customers’ expectations. To determine that, you could include some tests in your interview process.

However, if that might not be feasible, you can set a probationary period to appraise their skills. You have to make sure that they are aware and on board with the arrangement.


4. Be Very Clear About Employment Terms in the Employment Contract

When you draw up employment contracts for your new hires, ensure that it is free of ambiguity. Clearly state your expectations, their roles, the remuneration system, and everything else of importance. That will help define your working relationship with your barbers.


5. Check Your Applicants’ Working Eligibility

Note that you are responsible for checking if applicants are permitted to work in your country. In the USA, for instance, it is illegal to work with an expired student visa or visitor’s visa. On discovery, businesses that employ such people get fined.

I am pretty sure you do not want to deal with any of that. Hence, it is in your best interest to conduct sufficient due diligence before you hire anyone from your pool of applicants.


6. Give Your Newly Hired Barbers Proper Training

During the probation period (if there is one) or after you have hired new barbers, it is vital that you introduce them to the working system in your barbershop. Get them acquainted with your barbing methods and the essence of your brand as well.



When you want to hire barbers for your barbershop, there are many things to consider. Most of them depend on your preferences, goals, and values. Ultimately, only you can determine what kind of barbers you can work with and retain.


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