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9 best websites to find an online teaching job


There is hardly a nobler mission on this planet than that carried out by teachers. They give us invaluable knowledge. They guide us on essential principles that every human being must follow. Without teachers we would still be living in the Dark Ages, full of prejudices and superstitions. Bright, creative, and caring teachers will always be in high demand. Yet, finding a suitable place of employment that gives a teacher the chance to develop as a professional is not easy these days. There are so many schools and opportunities that it is hard to tell which of them is really worthy of trust. Schools also have their requirements regarding the professional competence and personal qualities of their prospective employees. The best meeting platform for school representatives and teachers nowadays is the Internet. You can find enough useful teaching job websites on the global Internet terrain. We have done some research and come up with a list of best 9 of them in our opinion.

1. Teach.org

This is a great resource for novice or experienced teachers in any subject and in any segment. There is no need to register in order to use teach.org. Job seekers will find here a wealth of useful information regarding certification, development of professional skills, career advancement, and financial support. Additionally, the website contains details related to specific educational institutions.


2. K-12Jobs.com

By visiting this resource teachers can compare salaries in their field, learn about upcoming job fairs, get a list of other teaching resources, and obtain information on certifications. Users not signed up with K-12Jobs.com yet can browse featured listings. Those interested in a more thorough search are required to become members. After registration, teachers can make use of the advanced search feature and post their resumes to employers registered with the site. According to the information on K-12Jobs.com, the resource helps a million users looking for teaching job opportunities every year.

3. iHireElementaryTeachers.com

iHireElementaryTeachers.com offers latest and detailed information on teaching job offerings to elementary school teachers. The site’s employees constantly monitor various Internet resources with job openings, plus keep in touch with numerous employers registered with the resource. Signing-up is quick and straightforward. Registered users can take advantage of various helpful features.

4. SchoolSpring.com

This free-registration resource has several interesting features that make the process of searching for teaching job openings more convenient and efficient. One of them is the Search Agent function. That allows users who have signed up to receive updated information on vacancies regularly in accordance with the search criteria they previously specified. By using another feature called SchoolSpring PLUS+ teachers can create their portfolio. Then, the software adjusts this data for sending applications to all available employers.

success in finding a teaching job

5. EducationCrossing.com

This website is not a standard resource for seeking teaching job openings. Rather, it is a reporting service, with the website’s administrators conducting a detailed research of all vacancies available online and giving tips to teachers on succeeding in their endeavors. Although the service is fee-based, the information obtained here is well worth every dime spent.

6. WantToTeach.com

Registered users of WantToTeach.com are not restricted by the US territory, but can search for job openings abroad, too. In addition, members can post their resumes. Many of the vacancies found on the website come directly from school administrators.

7. HireRush.com

This resource is targeted at local providers of various services including teaching, and covers the whole territory of the United States. There are several subscription plans for users with different financial capabilities. Teachers in any subject (languages, music, drawing, sport, etc.) can post information about themselves, and prospective clients can contact them for lessons in their own area or online.

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8. ABCTeachingJobs.com

This is a resource for teachers seeking suitable positions ranging from the pre-K level to high school. Users who sign up with the site are provided with special search tools. ABCTeachingJobs.com also lists a huge number of references to valuable resources for teachers who want to grow professionally.

9. Teachers-Teachers.com

Teachers-Teachers.com allows education experts in various fields to publish their resumes. Those will be instantly seen by almost a thousand and a half employers registered with the website. There are several searching options: By grade, state, or education level. Additionally, Teachers-Teachers.com gives its users many helpful tips on finding the best teaching jobs and offers a list of helpful resources for professional development.

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This list of web resources is sufficient for any type of teacher to find a good job online or at a brick-and-mortar school. Of course, the Internet is full of other places where teaching job opportunities can be viewed, but 9 websites listed above can serve as a good starting point.

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