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Types of vehicles for professional movers


You have bought a new house or rented a new apartment and need to move your things to a new dwelling. That is not the most pleasant experience, but one that has to be lived through. With your golf clubs, refrigerator, bookcase, TV-set, and tens of other indispensable belongings, you must be wondering how to go about the mission at hand. There are several options you can pick. You can choose a “do-it-yourself” trucking company, which suggests renting a car, packing your things, and driving the truck or van to your destination. Another option is “you pack, they drive,” when you rent a van or truck with a professional driver to take care of transporting your stuff. Finally, you can entrust the whole process to a full moving service company, which is the most expensive way of moving house. Whichever of those methods you select, though, you should know what type of moving vehicle suits your the best. If you choose a wrong moving vehicle, that may cost you more than necessary and get your things damaged as well. Here are the most common types of moving vehicles for you to consider.

1. The moving van

The first type of moving vehicle is the moving van, which can be classified into several categories from small to big, respectively:

Panel van

This moving vehicle has the smallest dimensions, because its chassis is no different from that of an ordinary car. A panel van also traditionally has no rear side windows. If you are a student moving from a dormitory or someone moving from a studio with few things, a panel van is the perfect solution. It is also often used for transporting one comparatively large object, such as table, computer, or bookshelf.

sprinter_wallpaper_04_1600x1200 From official website www.mercedes-benz.com

Parcel van

For those whose combined stuff weighs around 3,000 pounds, that is for owners of medium-sized homes, a parcel van is a more suitable choice. With its length ranging from 12 to 15 feet, a parcel van exceeds the size of a panel van, but is still as compact.

parcel van From website www.truckbodyinc.com

City van

As you may guess from its name, a city van is very convenient for moving around the city, which is its primary purpose. Thanks to its medium size and large windshields, a city van driver can see well in all directions and maneuver smoothly on the road. Other distinctive features of this moving vehicle include inclined steering wheels and lower cabs. The latter allow the driver to easily navigate through narrow city streets.

2015-chevy-city-express-5 From official website www.chevrolet.com

2. Straight trucks

When you have more things than a moving van can handle, a moving truck comes to the rescue. Just like moving vans, moving trucks are also represented by several groups according to their size.


10 foot truck

This type of truck is designed for moving things from small apartments and has several features that make its loading and unloading easier. In addition, a 10 foot truck consumes less fuel than other vehicles.

14 foot truck

This type of moving vehicle is the most suitable for the owners of homes with two bedrooms and bigger-size apartments. What makes it attractive is its lower deck, which contributes to faster and easier loading and unloading. The upper weight limit for trucks ranging from 12 to 15 feet is 3,000 pounds.

17 foot truck

In case you have a great number of things to transport, rent a 17 foot truck. It has enough space for moving stuff from a house with two bedrooms and from bigger apartments.

20 foot truck

If you are moving from a house with three bedrooms, consider using a 20 foot truck.

24 foot truck

Owners of 4-bedroom houses may find a 24 foot truck more suitable than a smaller moving vehicle.

26 foot truck

If your house is even larger (4 bedrooms and more), you should rent a 26 foot truck. Smaller vehicles will be insufficient for moving all your belongings in one go and you will most likely have to return for the next truckload. So, a 26 foot truck will save you money and time. You will hardly find a more spacious moving vehicle for rent.

3. Tractor-trailers

Finally, if the place where you need your things to be delivered is located in a different city or state, a tractor-trailer is what you want. This two-part moving vehicle is made up of a towing engine used for pulling a trailer attached to it. Tractor-trailers are quite spacious (102 inches in width, 110 inches in height, and up to 53 feet in length). So, they are suitable for holding things from a big-size house. Tractor-trailers have been designed for traveling long distances. If the tractor suddenly gets stuck somewhere in the middle of the way, it can be comparatively quickly replaced with another one. In addition, a special air-ride suspension mechanism securely prevents the stuff inside the trailer from being damaged while on the road.


By choosing the right type of moving vehicle you can save money and ensure that your things will arrive at your new place undamaged. However, even after you have selected a van or truck that suits you, there are many other factors that you need to consider such as your driving license and insurance. When you decide to hire full moving service professionals, on the other hand, they will deal with every detail related to transporting your household items to your new accommodation.

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