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Cleaning tips: How to clean the stove

stove cleaning cover

It is a common tradition that on Christmas the whole family gets together in the kitchen to cook the festive dinner. Without any doubts, you would always be interested in making this time-spending activity pleasant so need to prepare your kitchen for it.

Stove and stove-top will be two most used surfaces in the kitchen, so pay very careful attention to them. Keep in mind that you need to make everything sparkle before the Christmas Eve and at the same time there will be a definite necessity to clean everything after the holiday. So this article can help you answer the question of how to clean the stove and stove-top regardless of what it’s made of. First, you’ll read about the tips for regular stoves and then a few hints for glass ones.

teapot on the stove

Clean the stove: 5 easy ways

  1. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

    This is an old-school recipe for home cleaning. All you need is powder the stove and the top with soda and the sprinkle everything with hydrogen peroxide or even simple white vinegar. The chemical reaction between the components creates bubbles that destroy grime and grease and simplify further cleaning. It’s a perfect remedy to begin answering the question how to clean the stove.
    stove with food

  2. Salt and baking soda

    Both these powdery materials can help you get rid of old stains from your stove. All you need is mix one tablespoon of salt with one tablespoon of baking soda. Add one tablespoon of water to the mixture and make a paste of it. All you need to do next is put this home-made detergent onto the dirty surface and wait for at least 10 minutes. The liquid will absorb the dirt as much as possible. Then you can rub your stove a little so that salt and baking soda’s granules help remove the stains completely.

  3. White vinegar

    This traditional cleanser can work miracles on your dirty stove and its top! The liquid remedy can loosen streaks and stains so that you easily scrub them away. All you need is mix two parts of tap water with one part of white vinegar. Then put the mixture into the spray bottle. Apply the spray onto the dirty stove surfaces and leave them for 10-15 minutes. The acidity helps with grime and in general the stove gets disinfected from everything.

    stove cleaning

  4. Commercial cleaner

    Should you have no time to get creative with the question of how to clean the stove, just get to the nearest store and buy a special commercial cleaner for stoves. But when buying one, ensure that it doesn’t contain elements that you or your family members have allergy to. And don’t forget that with commercial detergents professional appliance cleaners always advise using protective gloves for your hands and glasses if needed.

  5. Razor

    If you have a complete disaster at home, then razor can save the whole situation. But make sure that you use this method very carefully because otherwise you risk cutting yourself or leaving scratches on your stove surface. Razor is the answer to the question how to clean the stove easily. All you need is very carefully remove burned-on stains by scraping them from the stove. Make sure that you use the whole blade when performing the cleaning because otherwise you will definitely scratch the surface.

    In terms of glass stoves professionals usually advise choosing two latter options, namely commercial cleaners or a razor. Only special cleaning detergents can give you the answer to how to clean the stove fast and at the same time guarantee positive result at all times. The razor gets even more dangerous for glass stoves than for regular ones because glass is extremely hard to restore once it’s scratched. If you have never performed razor stove cleaning, it is highly advised to watch the video how to clean the stove with razor to ensure that you make no harm to your appliances.
    clean the stove: glass

And the final word on how to clean the stove. Always remember that it’s significantly easier and faster not to let your stove get gross and dirty. All you need is clean the water or some oil from its surface after every time you use the stove for cooking. This method will only require 10-20 seconds after each meal preparation, but can save you up to 3-4 hours of cleaning afterwards.

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