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What to expect from a beauty school?

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Beauty school is a place where you can learn to care about hair, body, nails and other beauty-related services. One of the greatest advantages of a beauty school is that you study only profession-related subjects and no common knowledge courses that are boring and useless in real life. Everyone would agree that there is no need to learn about the ancient philosophy to cut people’s hair or to understand buoyancy force to apply nail polish. Beauty school offers a possibility to study subjects that will be applied on your day-to-day professional life without overpaying for additional stuff. This means that while studying you are able to concentrate on something you like and are interested in for 100%!

Besides knowledge beauty school is also an institution that provide you with the required certificate for private practice. To become a true cosmetologist, you need to pass an exam in the chosen field of cosmetology and get licensed. Beauty school can help you pass this exam without any problems.

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College vs beauty school

College generally takes 3-4 years of your life and does not guarantee that you will get a job in the field. It is true that colleges offer wider education in terms of courses that you take. This means that you receive more common knowledge and wider horizons. However, this also means that about half of the time in college you spend learning materials that will never come useful in your professional career. And this is the main difference between a college and a beauty school. The latter institution offers you to spend no more than two years (and in most cases only one year) of hard studying to master your skills and acquire new ones required for the career. Furthermore, in a beauty school you won’t have non-related subjects! Everything you study here is useful and closely connected to the real-life situations you will face once get certified.

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When is it too late to attend a beauty school?

It is a common concept to think that getting into college after 30 is not the best idea because you are likely to find no job after four more years of education. And in the majority of cases they are right; it is truly hard to find a place for a person in the thirties. But it is not the case for a beauty school.

In most cases these are women who have a child or who already retired and consider getting a cosmetology degree at a beauty school. There is no expiry date on beauty so it’s never too late to attend a beauty school and become a professional cosmetologist. Whenever the idea to cut someone’s hair or make people look beautiful with cosmetics come to your mind, remember that you can start learning right now!

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How to choose a beauty school?

The process of choosing a beauty school doesn’t differ much from choosing a college. You need to look for a place that has good credentials, the right to sing certification papers, great reputation among both students and potential clients or employers. And of course, try to find a place that you can afford and that is located closer to your home for better convenience. But, the most important for you is to find a place with great teachers in your field of interest. One beauty school may be famous for coloristics, while another one is the best in nail design. Look for a place that offers best courses that match your field of interest.

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How to understand which beauty school is the best one?

As we touched the topic of choosing the best beauty school, here is a section on how to understand if the one you’ve chosen worth considering. Here is a list of things you need to take into account when choosing a beauty school:

  • Course curriculum

    A beauty school that is right for you will offer the widest range of courses related to your field of interest. Whether you like hair cutting, hair styling, permanent makeup, or nail art, the chosen beauty school should have the courses you need to develop as a professional. If you decided that you want to work as a makeup artist, then choose a beauty school with a focus on it.

  • Practical business skills

    Beauty business is still a business, so you need to know how to sell your art and work. It doesn’t matter how talented and professional you are if you have no clients and money for living. A good beauty school will always offer several classes related to self-promotion, selling art, and finding clients.

  • Psychology classes

    Whenever people go to a beauty salon, they expect their hair stylist or nail artist talk to them. A lot of people love pouring out their heart in salons. This means that you need to be ready to answer to such clients and sometimes even give worthy advice. Only person who knows something about psychology can do so. A good beauty school will offer several courses in psychology because such knowledge can also help you choose the right hair cut and style to your client and choose the right words to make every new customer your regular one.

  • Exam preparation

    Always make sure that the beauty school you’ve chosen offer exam preparation. Since to get into the field and start your own cosmetology cabinet you need to have a license; and to get a license you need to pass the final exam.

  • Hands-on experience

    Knowing about the right application of hair color is one thing, but it’s completely different in practice. You may know everything about the latest trends in nail art, but this knowledge is useless if you can’t draw anything. A good beauty school will always have real hands-on experience in local salons for its students. This is the only way you can learn about what you want to do in the future and acquire so much needed experience and skills.

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