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Declutter your home: get rid of these 10 items


The skill of decluttering is essential for living in the modern world. Today the fashion turns to minimalism in everything – from interior design to clothes. Furthermore, fall is the right time to go through your belongings and get rid of everything useless before storing the important stuff into your self storage space. But how to declutter your home if everything seems to be important and vital for further comfortable existence? Well, you need to keep in mind that you can’t collect everything you owned throughout your life and from time to time serious cleaning is required. Below you can find advice on how to straighten up your home efficiently and painless by removing only these 10 items.

1. Mismatched containers

For some unknown reason a lot of people store containers for a very long time even if they have no lids or can’t keep the things inside safe and dry. If you have such containers, then it’s time to declutter your home from them. Throw them away and don’t regret such a decision. Mismatched containers occupy enormous spaces and do absolutely no good if the lid is lost or broken.

glass containers

2. Kitchen equipment

Over the years you must have bought several pots and frying pans, mixers and refreshed your kitchenware in general. Yet you didn’t throw any old stuff away, right? Well this year, when you declutter your home, this old kitchen equipment must go away. Free some space for new kitchenware by throwing away old plates, pots, pans, casseroles, etc.

3. Clean out your bathroom

Bathroom is another place where we tend to collect old items, such as cosmetics, outdated medicine, first aid kits, etc. Don’t keep all that junk! If you ever feel the need for any of these things, you will always be able to buy them in the closest drug store. So throw away all those empty bottles and expired drugs immediately; they not only occupy your living space, but also won’t be able to help you should they be urgently needed.


4. Clothes you don’t wear

This is our favorite thing to do – collect old clothes and leave them for the better times: When we lose weight, when we decide to go hunting or fishing, that’s mum’s favorite sweater so it should be left for her visits, and many other excuses. Whatever you say to yourself about the old clothes, it’s time to forget about them! Go through your closets and get rid of the old stuff as a part of “declutter your home” project. Of course, you don’t have to throw all those things away. You can donate them or try to sell. The main idea is to free your closets once and for all.

5. Throw out old office equipment

Old video players, fax machines, phones, and other home office equipment is very unlikely to be needed in the era of fast-developing world. So there is no better way to declutter your home than to get rid of this stuff. No doubts, some antiques or an old typing machine can be put into a self storage for preservation, but other useless equipment just occupies your living space. Without any regrets, get rid of it and breathe freely.

office equipment

6. Declutter your home from papers

Old magazines, newspapers, working papers, documents, leaflets – all these papers occupy your home at every step you make. Maybe you’re holding to them all for a reason, maybe you just forgot about the stacks of old magazines in the garage. But as we’ve touched the matter, it’s time to throw all these papers away. Just as you did with clothes, you can easily get some money refund on them by disposing of them at proper facilities.

7. Mixed cables, cords, and wires

Today we tend to replace our old phones, TVs, laptops, tablets, and other electronics if not annually, then at least once in two years. As a result, the number of additional cords and cables left after the previous gadgets gets bigger and bigger every year. There is no need to collect all these cables because every new device comes with a new cable. So instead of storing them in your home, just give them to the local market for recycling. Free your home and help the planet!


8. Unused things

Each and every one of us received some presents that we have never used and never known how to give them away. Now you have two ways: either just throw this junk away or declutter your home by selling this stuff online. Remember that every product has a buyer, so sooner or later you will sell this stuff. Just be patient about it.

9. Expired food and spices

Sometimes people don’t even know what is stored in their cupboards with cereals and boxes of spices. Remember that any kind of food has expiry date. And while cotton wool won’t change a bit, after the expiry date food definitely will. So go through your counters and storages and get rid of everything that is too old to be used again.

declutter your home from expired food

10. Receipts and promotions

And the last tip to declutter your home is to check your purses, boxes for small things, stacks of papers and throw away any promotion materials, promotion magazines, receipts, and everything else that you do not need. Even if you don’t see the instant difference, you will definitely feel it!

Keep in mind that the things described above tend to pile up over several months, a year tops. This means that such a procedure to declutter your home from these items should become regular for you as a part of fall home cleaning activity.

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