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Attract clients + boost sales of your moving company

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The struggle is real

Each moving company, especially small one, is constantly seeking the ways to promote and develop its services in order to attract new clients and increase sales (or incomes, call it how you like it). That is an issue all businesses struggle with, as in the beginning of the journey, when a little innocent company crawls out onto the great and crowded market of moving services and tries to stand up on its feet, it’s unlikely that its first attempt will be successful. However, the deal is worth trying and attempting over and over again, as the growing number of customers and orders along with high-quality services are two main factors that constitute the company’s way to success.marketing strategy poster

Everybody gets it, but still experiences difficulties in coming up with proper marketing strategy for his moving company, as a businessman has to take into consideration the peculiarities of the local market a company operates in and create special kind of unique image for the company and special offers for the customers to get their attention and retain regular loyal clients. Picking up on the sales’ side is just vital for any business, and for a new one in particular, as, first of all, you have to make up the costs of opening a new company and actually start getting a profit. And, the more the better. There’s nothing wrong about the desire to raise your revenue and provide better services for wider circle of clients. But, as someone has pinpointed, success is not something that comes to you. It’s necessary to go out, work hard, be creative and open-minded in order to get it.

Running a moving business, decent pricing and quality of services is something you have to ensure without any doubt. But, the hardest thing is to gain the customer’s trust and become a recognizable and respected company. People won’t address any mover to pack up all their possessions and deliver them to the destination without making sure that their belongings will be safe and that they’ll get them in time. Which is quite understandable, as I don’t think that you would trust all stuff that you have to someone you’re not sure is worth relying on. And, when it comes to services, people are used to trust someone they know or have got good references about and someone who is able to offer the best solutions at reasonable prices.smiling mover holding a cardboard box

Consequently, becoming more recognizable on the market of moving services, providing advanced customers support, maintaining bilateral contacts with permanent clients and involving them into the marketing process, conducting wise pricing policy, proposing special offers, working with related businesses and making the most out of Internet marketing should be the key points of the strategy on increasing sales and attracting new clients. And, I’m more than glad to give you several specific tips and pieces of advice on what exactly you can do.

Tips to attract new clients and boost sales of your moving company

Quality of moving services you provide and customers support

It’s pretty obvious that your moving services have to be perfect so that clients, who have already used them, gladly recommend your company to their friends, family members and co-workers and leave positive references. This way, new clients will have the most reliable proof of your successful operation and they’ll most likely choose your moving company, even if it’s small, over others, whose services didn’t receive such client’s feedback. And, the better you treat your customers and the better moving experiences you ensure for them, the greater is the chance that they’ll come back to use your services once again when they need it.

First of all, timing is quite important. Make sure that your drivers deliver clients’ possessions to their new homes in time or, if something is causing complications and delays, they do their best to overcome those troubles and get to the destination as soon as possible. The thing is that clients are most worried about their stuff on the transportation stage, as they’re afraid that something or everything (could you imagine the catastrophe?) gets lost or damaged. That’s why you want to hire reliable drivers who don’t disregard their job and approach it with great responsibility. (Simply don’t keep lazybones in your staff). It’s also necessary to make sure that your co-workers do a great packing job for the same matter.mover loading boxes

Hire the best movers

Besides, you have to follow clients’ instructions throughout the entire process, but not overstepping the bounds of concluded contract. By the way, it shouldn’t include any unpleasant hidden fees every client would be disappointed about.

If something goes wrong and damage is caused or any contract term is not fulfilled, you’ll have to compensate for the damage in case your company’s guilt is proven. Offer a significant discount if that can tackle the case.  If some problems arise during the moving process (for instance, a moving truck is delayed), you have to keep in touch with client, inform him about the situation and concentrate on troubleshooting it. No excuses or unnecessary explanations, just effective actions.

man in suit talking to clients

Talk to your clients while working on their order and after the moving process is complete to make sure that they’re satisfied with your work, ask for their references and remind them to rehire when they need moving services once again.

Keep in touch with your clients by sending e-mails, flyers to them and contacting them on social media. Don’t forget to send a thank-you e-mail or even a note via ordinary mail, holiday and birthday greetings.

Those are small pleasant things you can easily do for your clients, but they significantly increase your credibility in the eyes of customers, make them rehire and recommend.

Pricing policy of a moving company, special offers and discounts

Study the local market of moving services to figure out common prices most of the companies charge for their services. Obviously, you don’t have to set your prices higher than the average rate, but working at a loss is not a good idea as well.price and quality ratio

But, if your prices are just a little bit lower or if you offer significant discounts in case of big orders or long-distance moves, you’ll win in the competition with other moving companies.

Combining your moving services in ‘packets’ (like transporting + loading + unloading, packing + loading + delivery + unloading + unpacking) and offering a lower price for a bulk of services if compared with their normal total cost will attract the customer’s interest even more. Another thing you can do is to offer 50% off additional services (like unloading or unpacking) if a customer opts not for one, but two or more of them on your list.free moving estimates for clients

Providing a 5-10% discount off the client’s first order and ensuring constant discounts for permanent clients, offering free moving estimates is highly beneficial as well.

Marketing ideas for moving businesses to attract more clients and increase profits

1. Online marketing

business strategy online marketingThis is probably the most efficient way to promote a moving company, as references from friends and family are fine, but while looking for the services online, customers get an opportunity to compare the reputability of different companies, the range and quality of services they provide and pricing policy they conduct. That’s why you have to increase and maintain your online presence and look better on the Internet than your competitors.

Having a site for your own company helps a lot, especially if it’s highly informative and provides relevant data considering your moving company, its short history, employees and, most importantly, services you provide and prices you charge.

Post updates on completed orders, implement an online customers support service and, if possible, a service tracking down the order fulfillment status (like ‘Step3. Transportation (New York, NY – Austin, TX): currently – Charlotte). Adding your contact information and designing the site with the use of company logo and slogans is also really important in terms of recognition. Starting a blog to share moving and packing tips with your clients along with promoting your services is also beneficial. Create a separate page with references from your customers, so that new clients get a proof of your credibility.

seeking clients poster

Basically, you want to get your site ranking on the web, so that the clients have an opportunity to find you online. That’s why you probably need to hire an IT professional to develop and run your site.

Also, creating pages on Facebook and Twitter to post some information about your moving company, recent orders you’ve completed and upcoming discounts and provide coupons and unique promo codes for your followers will also add several new customers to your list.

Don’t forget to address locals, who live within the area your moving company is situated in and where it mainly operates. You can do that by creating your own business profile on mobile apps or sites that target customers in specific local areas.

hirerush homepage banner

For instance, HireRush.com provides quite convenient opportunity to search for this or that type of services with the location specification. Besides, customers may call directly from the site to get in touch with the company or servicemen they’ve chosen, so leaving your phone numbers and address of the website is something you shouldn’t forget.

Make sure to use similar designs and the same logo on each social media page, website or online profile you create.

Create your business profile

2. Personal contacts

Obviously, you have to keep in touch with related services (like cleaners, contractors) and other moving companies who might require your assistance in terms or resources (like moving trucks or labor force) to perform bigger tasks they can cope with on their own. This way you can promote your services, contact with clients of other movers and secretly lure them. No, I’m just kidding, that would be unfair).

Maintaining permanent communication with your regular clients is something you should do without even thinking.

3. Offline promotion

Leaflets, business cards, pens with the name of your company, website address and contact numbers are subject to regular spreading. Met someone new – hand over a business card to that person, went to a restaurant or supermarket – ask if you can leave a bunch of leaflets at their information board, need to sign something or someone asks to borrow a pen – pull out the ‘business one’.

men exchanging business cards

Provide your friends and family members with your business cards and ask them to leave those promotion materials at their offices to give them away to their co-workers and friends. Don’t be too shy to ask your doctor or hairdresser if you can leave several business cards or pens at his office.

Ask your clients if they could spread a couple of your business cards among their friends and provide additional discount if they agree.

In short, make a full use of every potential promotion opportunity, as you can never promote your moving services too much.

Other useful tips

  1. Develop a sales plan for a moving company and set monthly goals to motivate your co-workers and make them want to work harder and better for your common cause.
  2. Set up a loyalty program for your regular clients to ensure a source of permanent profit.accountant in front of computer with money
  3. Hire an accountant to conduct a market research to see, which services are the most popular among your clients to concentrate more attention on their promotion and improving their quality. See, which clients were satisfied with your services the most to define your target audience and turn your sales’ focus to it. This allows concentrating promotion efforts on one narrow ‘slice’ of market of moving services and becoming more recognizable on it. The more clients, who actually need the kind of services you provide, notice your company, the more orders you get, and the more profit you gain.

Everything is as simple as that, but so difficult in practice) But, being passionate about your business and paying enough attention to it, you’ll reach the success if you develop progressive growing strategy. Good luck!

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  1. Jack Welch

    I run a moving company in the Chicago area. A few years ago I tried Reach Local and they proposed a similar type of marketing strategy for some company. However, they never followed up on their promise to get my business to the top of Google. They also claimed they would get my business on “social media” but then only signed me up for a Facebook page and never posted to it. Does anyone know a good alternative? I have heard things about Today’s Local Media.

  2. John

    No when you don’t have an inside support then you will go for outside help and hire moving companies. If you have enough members for packing and loading things then you won’t need any mover’s help.

    1. Yulia Poltavets

      Right you are. But mostly we don’t have much help from outside, so moving companies are the best solution in this situation.

  3. Darren Kamila

    I am glad to find it. There are so many developers working on this part but this is one of the best innovative post ever. Thanks for such post.


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