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How to Find the Perfect Writer for Your Essays


Academic writing seems boring for many people. You may think that your friends don’t think so and submit perfect essays, but are you sure you wrote them alone? Everyone can master essay writing, but unfortunately, not everyone is ready to devote 1-2 hours each day to practicing writing skills. Modern students are busy enough and don’t want to burden themselves with time-consuming tasks. Some students prefer getting free samples of law essays online, but they are often written on a specific topic and may not help. Therefore, it’s better to check some free essay examples about sport or order a custom essay online.


If you don’t want to bother with it— find an academic writer on a specialized platform. It is the easiest way to find a good essay writer; the main thing you must keep in mind is that not all academic assistance services are reliable. However, these websites have many advantages, and those students who have no time to create a job description may use this option. Academic writing services work this way: you visit the website, fill an order form, and then pay for the paper. Managers choose a writer, and he or she starts working on your paper. But if you’re interested in the writer’s background, you must ask the writer outright.

Do you think that writing an essay means checking the topic, finding the right information, and structuring it? No, it’s not that simple; otherwise, writers’ work would be pointless. Let’s check some tips that may help you find a qualified essay writer.


1.  Determine your assignment

Before you start researching the available writers, you must understand what the writer should do. Sometimes even students can’t understand what the teacher requires them to do. In this case,  no one writer will deliver a stunning paper to you. That’s why the first thing you must do is to read the requirements once again, check the topic, see what is required from you. Contact the teacher if you don’t understand something. If you can’t explain the task to the writer, don’t hope he’ll understand it better than you.


2.  Research the available writers

You may try to find them on Google or check several online freelance platforms. The latter option is good enough since many writers register on them to promote their services. It may be rather a time-consuming step, but choosing the first writer you find on Google is a short-sighted approach. If you don’t worry about the quality of paper you get and stuff like that, you may hire anyone. In any other situation, you have to be responsible. There’s no sense in paying money for bad work.


3.  Writers’ background

Let’s imagine that you’ve selected several writers that meet certain criteria you have in mind. Now you should check the resumes or CVs to find out more about the education and experience of each writer. Don’t choose those who don’t specify the information about it —they are hardly reliable people. It’s impossible to be so well-versed to handle the essay on any topic: from literature to physics. The good writer has a college degree and 1-2 years of experience in academic writing.


4.  Check the rates

Those who think of ordering the paper online rarely hope to get a high-quality essay cheap. But there are writers who set extremely hard rates, and these rates often don’t match the quality of work execution. Not all freelance platforms and personal sites contain information about rates, so you must ask a writer about it. There is no standard rate per page since it depends on many factors:

  • The writer’s qualification;
  • The difficulty of the task;
  • The topic of your essay;


5.  Write to your candidates

A small talk with each person would be nice because it helps you understand who this person is and how he or she treats clients. Write a message and see how fast the writer answers you. There are people who text you immediately; others may forget to answer. However, if you see that the writer finally answered you and apologized for the delay, he is still a reliable candidate. A private conversation may help you find out more about the writer’s qualifications and the tasks he or she may do.


6.  Test task

We understand that you aren’t an employer who hires a person for full-time work, but additional reassurance is always needed. You shouldn’t ask the writer to write an essay as a test task; let it be a small piece of text on a certain topic. By the way, if the chosen writer states he or she has already written some essays, ask for samples. A plagiarism checker will help you to find out if this paper is authentic or not.  If you see everything is good, you may start discussing the work on your paper. Set a deadline convenient for both of you and start.

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