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Important Things Every Pet Sitter Should Know


Pets are a lot of fun to have around, but they can also be very demanding. As pet owners become busier, there is an increase in the need to take care of their pets. Pet sitters are in charge of more than just feeding and entertaining their pets – they also have to keep the house clean, organized, and ensuring the pets themselves are happy and comfortable. Pet sitting is an excellent job for someone who loves animals and likes to exercise. However, it’s essential to know what you’re getting yourself into before starting, especially if you’re beginning and don’t have the experience. These are some basics that new pet sitters should be familiar with to be prepared for different situations.


Be Prepared For Any Animal

Pets come in all varieties of animals and all sorts of sizes. Therefore, you should be prepared for any eventuality and not just expect that you will be looking after a cat or a dog. For example, according to the Australian comparison service Compare the Market, although the most common pets do seem to be the usual suspects; the third most commonly searched for a pet can vary from horse to snake! This means that you will need to research how to take care of a variety of animals in preparation for the job.


Get Ready For Exercise

Pet sitting is most commonly required for dogs, however, dogs come in different sizes and breeds which require different amounts of care. You should have your walking shoes at the ready and be prepared to get outside come rain or shine to give them their daily, or bi-daily, walk. Even smaller dogs require some form of exercise.


Emergency Care

Emergencies can and will strike at the least opportune moment, so you should ask the pet owner some questions before you begin:

  1. Find out where the nearest vet is.
  2. Is there a pet on any medication, and if so, how do they take it?
  3. Suppose you need emergency care; how will you pay for it? For example, will the owner leave a lump sum of cash, or are you expected to pay first and then get reimbursed? Can you cover the costs if that’s the case?
  4. How will you transport the pet if there is an emergency?

It would help if you covered all questions with the animal owner before starting so that nothing will come as a shock.


Are You Expected To Stay With The Pet At All Times?

This is something you should know before starting. For example, does the owner expect you to stay 24/7 with their pet, or are you allowed to leave it somewhere during the day while you go about your business? If the animal owner is OK with you going out from time to time, how do they want you to leave their animal?


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These are some things that you need to be aware of when pet sitting for a well-loved pet. The most important will be to find out any medical needs they have and how to deal with emergencies if they arise. Apart from that, you will need to ensure they get all the food and exercise they require.

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